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The Starlite Gala in Marbella 2011

  Antonio Banderas and Eva Longoria

The Starlite Gala returns on 06 August 2011 to Marbella
the most important, and one of the best charity events in Spain.

Almost 500 attendees, more than 40 celebrities and 300 journalists was what made the first edition of the Starlite Gala in 2010 one of the most important events in Spain. The Starlite Gala is an international platform which unites the world of Business, Celebrities and Phylanthropy hosted by Antonio Banderas and Eva Longoria. A project founded by Sandra García-Sanjuán and María Bravo whose objective is to raise funds to improve the quality of life for communities, families, and children in need.

The I Edition of the Starlite Gala which took place in 2010 had a media repercussion far more than was expected, with over 190 accredited media and an audience of over 57m in Spain.  Media coverage converted into figures means 376 headlines with an economic value with more than €8m  from what was published during the month of August.  The valuation of international coverage exceeded 90m from published articles in the international press in the United States, United Kingdom, Italy, Russia, Malaysia, Canada, Brazil and Middle East.
The Gala was a resounding success which, by far, exceeded our objectives and all money raised was destined to the three charities and the following projects were materialized:

Carlos Alberto Madrazo school was built by Niños en Alegria Foundation, in  Acapulco. The school was inaugurated at the end of 2010 with 258 children.  Kindergarden Tierra y Libertad is also being built for 100 children in Pie de la Cuesta development, one of the most affected areas of Guerrero (Acapulco).

Eva Longoria's Foundation, The Eva Longoria Fund, financed 60 social integration programs for poor children and adolescents with problems of development.

Antonio Bandera's Foundation, Lagrimas y Favores, created 30 scholarships through the University of Malaga. The Foundation also channelled social aid through Caritas and financed treatment programs for the terminally ill of cancer through the Cudeca Foundation. For this reason the II Edition of the Starlite Gala is being repeated this year on 6th August with a lot more effort, enthusiasm and objectives together with Eva Longoria and Antonio Banderas.
Sandra García-Sanjuán
María Bravo
Francisco Fortes
Fernando Moreno
Ignacio Maluquer   

Honorary Board:
S.A.R. Princesa de Bulgaria, Carla Royo-Villanova
Margarita Vargas of Borbón, Duchess de Anjou
Patricia Olmedilla, Duchess de Terranova
Condesa Gunilla von Bismarck
Ahmed Ashmawi, Alejandra Alemán
Alejandra Prat, Alexandra Polacci 
Alexandra Swarovski, Ana Saucedo
Anastasia Soare, Andrea Ranninger
Carolina Herrera de Báez, Claudia Fabra
Cristina Valls-Taberner
Cucha Cabane de Puig
Eugenia Silva, Javier Banderas
Jesús Andreu, Joanna  Dogmoch
Enrique Sarasola, Kristina Szekely
Nina Junot, Olivia Valere
Paloma Cuevas de Ponce
Preston Haskell, Raúl Rodríguez
Sergio Berger, Sophie Sarkozy

Confirmed guests:
- Hosted by Antonio Banderas and his wife Melanie Griffith and Eva Longoria
- Maria Bravo, Director of Eva Longoria’s Foundation and co-founder together with Sandra García-Sanjuan of the Starlite Gala
- Alejandra Alemán, daughter of the ex president of México, and President of Niños en Alegría, one of the Foundations
- Anne Igartiburu, presenter of the Gala
- Joseph Fiennes, presenter of the Gala, who will be accompanied by his wife Mª Dolores Dieguez
- Eduardo Cruz, brother of Penélope Cruz
- Jermaine Jackson, brother of Michael Jackson who sang at his funeral and member of the group “Jackson Five”
- Austrian singer Victoria Swarovski
- Members of the group La Unión and their respective partners.
- Oceana, well known worldwide for her single “Cry, Cry”, released in 2009 and reached top position in the charts.
- Elisabetta Briatore
- Elena Tablada
- Ex tennis player Manola Santana
- International Top Model Eugenia Silva
- Amaia Salamanca and Rosauro Baro
- Paz Vega
- Polo players Eduardo Novillo Estrada and Diego Osorio (ex boyfriend of Ana Boyer)
- Carmen Lomana
- Boris Izaguirre
- Rubén Nogueira
- Paloma Cuevas
- Remedios Cervantes
- Gunilla Von Bismarck y Luis Ortiz
- Fran Ortiz and Elisabeth Dutu
- Patricia Rato
- Mar Saura and her husband Javier Revuelta
- Singer and composer David de Maria
- Top international model Astrid Muñoz
- Patricia Olmedilla
- Mariló Montero
- Singer Marta Sánchez
- Alberto Cerdán

The Best of Marbella Founder, Maria Petrak, had a great pleasure to meet one of the Founders of the Starlite Gala, Maria Bravo, during her summer holidays in Marbella in July 2011. The result of this encounter is not only a deep appreciation for Maria Bravo´s enthusiasm, beauty and kindess, but hopefully a long-lasting friendship despite of distance. Maria Petrak lives in Vienna, Austria and continues to promote Marbella as one of the best cities in the world through one of her websites

Patricio Moreno, Maria Bravo, Maria Petrak and Beatriz Dominquez Prieto

Beatriz Dominquez Prieto, newly appointed Director of The Best of Marbella and one of the best professional photographers in Marbella, attended the gala´s press conference and took some photos that are included below. Feel free to share this link with your friends and post comments. Thank you in advance!

 Copyright: Beatriz Dominquez Prieto
The Best of Marbella Director