Triple A: Abandoned Animals in Marbella

Some problems will never be resolved … but Triple A keeps going
Since the very beginnings of Triple A in 1992, they have given shelter to thousands of abandoned animals at their installations on the road from Marbella to Ojén … and the stream does not stop.
Triple A gives their protégés a roof and takes care of them in their small vet clinic when they are ill or injured. The animals get rid of parasites, are sterilized and registered with the legal chip. And, of course, food and water has been provided ever since to a monthly average of 300 dogs and 180 cats.

When the animals arrive, their details and fotos are published immediately on the website and in some of the local newspapers, in order to find a nice new home for them as soon as possible. Unfortunately, they cannot get all the love they deserve at the shelter, because they are so many.

Triple A is most grateful to all the volunteers who give the animals a helpful hand. There are many needs and many possibilities for support: Taking care of the animals, walking them, cleaning and maintaining the shelter, small repairs, running the market information stands, accompanying animals to the airport for shipment to their new homes abroad, collecting useful items like old blankets, towels, pillows or newspapers for the animals to lie on, assisting the organization of events, creative ideas and much, much more. But the main problem is to raise funds.

Triple A urgently needs new members to support them with an annual fee of 90 Euros, and besides they are always looking for generous sponsors to enable them to carry out special projects. During the past years, some very generous animal lovers have financed the most urgent constructions and repairs as well as the small salaries for the professionals that the shelter needs, like a vet or a secretary. Thanks to the funds that are raised through several activities (information stands on the local markets, Information Days, charity events etc., Triple A is able to cope with part of the expenses. But they cannot afford the average monthly amount of 18.000 Euros necessary to maintain the shelter.

The daily struggle for survival
Contrary to other shelters, Triple A is not run or subsidized by the townhall. Although it is an officially recognized association, it is a private iniciative. While other shelters receive financial support from the townhall or other administrations, Triple A has never seen a penny from the city of Marbella nor the regional government of Andalusia. Recently, an inspector of the regional government detected some lacks and inperfections. The necessary repairs can impossibly be carried out without help from generous supporters.
Please help the animals.

Should you wish to offer your helping hand or some donations, please contact AAA directly:

AAA bank details:
Banco de Andalucía
Bulevar Principe Alfonso von Hohenlohe
Centro de Negocios TEMBO - 29600 Marbella
Account nº: 0004 3448 11 0600219119
IBAN: ES96 0004 3448 1106 0021 9119

You can also contact one of the helpers:
Susanna (+34) 609 778 731

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