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Artist, author and musician Dario Poli is the initiator of the campaign to promote and defend the name of Marbella and the Costa del Sol with his music “Marbella, Marbella”. Dario Poli has penned a song about the area in response to a disparaging CNN article, with widespread appeal across all of Spain and beyond, receiving media coverage such as radio play and television appearances.

Dario Poli´s message:
It’s completely understandable why thousands of people each year would want to move to Spain. It truly is a wonderful life on the Costa Del Sol. We work to live rather than live to work. It’s therefore disappointing, to say the least, when the press abroad report only the negative and never print all the wonderful and positive points of living on the Costa Del Sol. Marbella, especially, has been the target for bad press and one-sided information, damaging its reputation which effects all of us.

My story began in April 2007 in Malmo Sweden, when I saw a CNN documentary on Marbella and the Costa del Sol, which depicted Marbella in a negative light. Furious by the one-sided content, without delay, I wrote the music for a song which I titled "Marbella, Marbella" expressing my affection for the town and the Costa del Sol. When I returned to Spain I added the lyrics with Alan Ward and the song was arranged and produced by David Mairs. The song has been registered with S.G.A.E. in Malaga. Scotland’s Samantha Mairs has recorded the song and it is now playing in many popular radio stations.
I realized that the music "Marbella, Marbella", though very important, would not alone suffice to galvanize public opinion and challenge the derogatory propaganda. So I began my campaign with the help of David and Linda Mairs to promote and defend the good name of Marbella against malicious attacks from sources in the European and American media.

Our idea is to promote Marbella through music, which is international and has no boundaries. Through the media, raise public awareness, especially amongst the Spanish people. With the support of the Marbella Town Hall and using their good offices, we can respond to any future negative propaganda emanating from international media sources.
To help, we have established a Webpage Its aim is to improve the balance with a fair voice from the people that live here and is created to promote and defend the good name of the Costa del Sol and Marbella. We have appeared on TV and radio programs to bolster our initiative. Our campaign is growing. More people, including many eminent persons such as Princesa Marie Louise de Prusia, are offering their support.

We believe that the song with its positive lyrics (also in Spanish), promoted here and abroad, is advantageous publicity for Marbella, and along with the admirable work achieved at the Marbella Town Hall, will help revitalize tourism, the construction industry and by-products thereof to flourish again. However with an international financial recession, we have no time to lose and we believe some bold steps are required urgently. Now is the time to act.
So I conclude with the astute words of Eric Holzhauer of Radio Sun Fm who wrote. "Hi Dario let’s make your song the official song of Marbella." This would be a positive international press story for the media.
Yours sincerely,

Dario Poli

The Sur in English article published March 7th to 13th 2008 No 1231.

Many who have already made the move are outraged by the one-sided propaganda peddled by some foreign media. Dario Poli wrote his own musical tribute to the town. Dario Poli and David Mairs who have owned homes on the coast for 15 years have taken up the challenge to redress the offensive propaganda by positive action. The fight to defend the reputation of the Costa del Sol began in Sweden in April 2007, when Scottish composer, author, and painter Dario Poll, saw a CCN TV documentary on Marbella and the Costa del Sol, which painted a very negative image of his adored Marbella. Outraged by the one-sided depiction, he decided to do something about it, so he wrote the music for a song which he titled “Marbella, Marbella” expressing his affection for the town and the Costa del Sol. Returning to Mijas Costa, he added the lyrics with singer Alan De Ward and registered the song, with S.G.A.E in Malaga. Following a meeting with musical arranger and producer Davis Mairs, Alan recorded the song in David’s studio in Fuengirola.

Poli wrote the song as a way of redressing the balance by positive action
It is hoped that “Marbella, Marbella” will be played all over Europe
Radio airplay

The catchy tune began to take off and since that CCN programme; what began as Dario’s one-man fight for Marbella, has intensified and the song is now played on most major radio stations, on the Costa del Sol such as Onda Cero FM, REM FM, Central FM, and Global FM just to mention a few, including interviews by Radio Solymar FM in Swedish and Danish and both Dario and David have also made television appearances.

Colette Hall of Coastline Radio Fm wrote; “I think it’s one of those songs that holiday- makers will remember, like ‘Viva España.” I look forward to the album,” and supporter Eric Holzhauer of Radio Sun FM wrote. “Hi Dario, Let’s make your song the official song of Marbella!”
The song was presented by Laura Stanbridge, the organiser of the BCCS & CIT Symposiun held in November 2007, which was attended by the Mayoress of Marbella, Angeles Muñoz; the Councillor for Tourism of Marbella José Luis Hernández; publicist Max Clifford, and other heads of the business community.

Samantha Mairs, a dynamic Scottish singer recorded the song and on Tuesday 19 February presented it on Radio Clyde FM during an interview about her support for the Costa del Sol initiative, which featured her in the Scottish “Sunday Post” and “CSN” the German weekly has published the story. “Marbella, Marbella, has even been played in Thailand.

Dario, David and supporters are working with the media to have the song played all over Europe with the hope of spreading the good news about the Costa del Sol in an endeavour to bring property buyers and tourists flocking to this glorious area.

Dario is working to have the song "Marbella, Marbella played all over Europe spreading the good news about the town and is working with others in the media to bring the tourists and property buyers back to this glorious area. To speed up the process he is looking for a major record company to take the song and hopes that Marbella will adopt it.

En Español:
El compositor, artista, y autor Darío Poli, mientras estaba en Suecia en abril de este año, vio una difusión de un programa de la CNN en la TV que le dio una enorme sacudida y perturbó profundamente por su contenido negativo y falto de elogios sobre Marbella y la costa del Sol en general.

Furioso, Darío se decidió allí y entonces a luchar y hacer lo que él pudiera para reparar la mala propaganda. Al volver a España escribió la melodía de una canción que tituló “Marbella, Marbella” que expresaba su cariño por la ciudad. Las líricas (la música) fueron agregadas luego y la canción fue registrada más adelante con S.G.A.E en Málaga, después fue cantada por el cantante Alan de Ward y producida por David Mairs en su estudio de Fuengirola.

Desde ese fatídico programa de la CNN , Darío un hombre que lucha por Marbella, su lucha se ha intensificado mientras que la canción se ha tocado en la mayoría de los programas de radio principales tales como Onda Cero FM, el show de Maria Harboe de REM, Radio Mijas , Global Fm y Central Fm, por mencionar algunas, así como la televisión. Fue utilizada como canción promocional para “BLADERUN” Marbella a Ibiza en septiembre de 2007 y un periodista italiano bien conocido está preparando un artículo para España e Italia.

La canción fue presentada por Laura Stanbridge, el organizador del reciente simposio BCCS & CIT llevado a cabo en noviembre que fue asistido por Mayoress Angeles Muñoz, el concejal de turismo de Marbella Jose Luis Hernández, el periodista Clifford Max, el presentador de radio principal Maurice Boland de REM y otros representantes .

Darío está trabajando para tener la canción “Marbella, Marbella “ tocada en toda Europa esparciendo buenas noticias sobre la ciudad y está trabajando en los medios de comunicación para traer a los turistas y a los compradores de nuevo a esta gloriosa área. Para acelerar el proceso, él está buscando una compañía discográfica más grande para la canción y espera que Marbella la adopte.

“Marbella Marbella” goes Jazz”
Dario Poli’s campaign to promote Marbella and the Costa del Sol with his new ideas continues. Jazz maestro Louis Fiers, has offered his support to Marbella and the Costa del Sol, in the campaign begun by composer, artist Dario Poli and supported by music producer David Mairs and many others.

When Dario Poli the composer of the music “Marbella Marbella,” heard his music played in a new Jazz format, created by the famous jazz musician Louis Fiers, he was gob-smacked by Fiers’s amazing arrangement and his virtuoso playing, as his hands effortlessly flowed across the keys of his new piano.

He performed the catchy tune as if playing two pianos at the same time without losing style and elegance. Like a butterfly the notes of “Marbella, Marbella,” danced and flitted in and around the melody with effortless precision, in a dazzling display of melodious variations, musically handling the new song like an impassioned lover effortlessly seducing his captive audience. For Dario it was a real tour de Force.

The idea for a Jazz variation began after Dario played Louis the song recorded by Scottish singer Samantha Mairs and produced by David Mairs in his Fuengirola studio. Inspired by the flowing melody, her fine singing and professional presentation, after one hearing and without music, he improvised the song on the spot.

Louis Fiers from Ghent in Belgium was considered to be one of the best exponents of Jazz in Europe and his CV is a who’s who, of Jazz legends he has worked with, including Count Basie, Catarina Valente, Sidney Bechet, Toots Theilemans, Jack Say, along with Bill Haley and one of the world’s greatest Jazz musicians Bill Coleman who worked with Louis in Paris and the great Spanish bass player Francisco Pose. He also had the great pleasure of performing for the Belgian Royal Family at a command performance.

His father, Fiers senior, was acclaimed to be the best accordion player in the world performing at the London Palladium in England, the famous Winter Gardens in Berlin and the Medrano in Paris just to mention a few, so its hardly surprising that his talent rubbed off on his son Louis.

Louis Fiers is indeed a musical supremo. He and his musicians will be starting their shows by performing a Jazz concert at the delightful Hotel Tamisa Golf on Saturday the 25th of October 2008 and will be playing the new Jazz version of “Marbella, Marbella.” Lately, Dario joined forces with the brilliant internationally acclaimed record producer and musical arranger Roberto Danova, who has re-produced their new version, of “Nostradamus” a powerful musical experience about the 16th Century prophet, whose spectacular visions of the future of mankind, contain warnings that are relevant to modern-day events. The music was co-written by Dario and Roberto and the fantastic new music of “NOSTRADAMUS” was released on the PLAZA LABEL in the UK and across Europe. The music was recently presented in Berlin and features the voice of the great international singing and recording star Engelbert Humperdinck in a message of love and peace and the incredible guitar skills of Steve Zed as “ZGuitarz” incorporating rhythm and rock as a tribute to the wonderful instrument that has allowed millions of men and women to of all ages to express themselves in the universal language of music.

New supporter of the Marbella Marbella campaign is the great European Jazz legend Louis Fiers from Belgium who worked with the likes of the great Count Basie, Bill Coleman and Caterina Valente said “We must all do what we can to support the campaign against negative and harmful media propaganda against the Costa del Sol.” For his fans “Nostradamus” is on general release from 13 October 2008 and can also be purchased on the Internet.

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