Horizonte Charity Project: Drug Prevention and Rehabilitation

The Asociación Horizonte Proyecto Hombre is a non-profit charity which has been actively involved in drug prevention and rehabilitation for the past 25 years. Three centres have been established in high-risk slum areas where, once school ends at 2 p.m. the children roam the streets and have no cultural or sports activities and are in danger of getting involved in drug consumption. Here the children can choose amongst multiple activities, art, drama, music, dancing, cooking, sewing, computer studies, revision of school tasks, and sports.

Guidance is offered to parents and teachers as well as career orientation through the programme “Entre Todos” ("All Together”) 34 . We are dealing with children belonging to a social strata where unemployment, school absenteeism, fragile family structure and precarious living in areas where the residents belong to different and conflicting ethnic groups create a dangerous infrastructure. Horizonte have a therapeutic programme for people with addictions of all sorts: drugs, alcohol, gambling, and maintain an apartment for people undergoing treatment where there is 24 hour supervision. Many of the residents have been released on bail so that they can overcome their addictions out of prison.

For more information, contact:

Asociación "Horizonte"
C/ Galveston, nº 7
Teléfono: (34) 952 77 53 53
Fax: (34) 952 77 53 53
E-mail: horizont@jet.es

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