Nutri Cleanse: Colonic Irrigation and Electro Lymphatic Therapy

Colonic Irrigation has been around since Egyptian times, as a health boosting process. Although practiced through the last 20 centuries, it is the 21st Century that has seen a rise in interest, as lifestyles in today's world have brought new problems. This has brought a new interest in alternative and complementary treatments that can balance the changes in the environment, produce and diet that may have a counter effect on your health.

Many famous people have sung the praises of colonic irrigation. The most famous was perhaps Princess Diana, who swore by the process. She claimed it cured her fatigue, allergies, depression, infections, migraines and even her bulimia. She said it pumped up her energy, putting colour back in her cheeks and a new bounce in her step.

Electro Lymphatic Therapy
No. 1 system in Spain
Designed by Dr. De Montfort over 20 years ago in U.S.A.
Harley Street trained by Dr. De Montfort therapists use a glass wand to glide over the body identifying any blockages & problem areas
Pain free and rapid results
Specialises in muscle problems, arthritus, swelling, pre & post surgery & cellulite
X3 one hour sessions recommended.

Special promotion through The Best of website:
10% on the 1st treatment,
Book a course of 3 colonics for reduced rate of only 260 Euro and receive half an hour Electro Lymphatic Therapy worth 50 euro for FREE if you mention "The Best of Marbella". Gift vouchers available - Valentine's Day, Mother's Day or Bírthdays...

For more information and book an appointment, please contact:

Helen and Judy
Mobile: +34 628 298 201 - Helen
Mobile: +34 628 298 515 - Judy
How to get there:

If you wish to make an appointment, please call:
The Clinic on 952 853 838

Our address is Casa no 2, Finca el Pernet, 12 Avienda de Pernet, Diana Park, Estepona, Malaga. Diana Park is situated on the A7/N340, 2 km from San Pedro, in the Estepona direction. Easy free parking is available in the road outside the clinic. As the clinic is private & client confidentiality is most important we do not have a front door entrance on the road. It is therefore necessary to enter the small development from the road by a pedestrian gate.

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