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Smithwood Productions – International Video/Audio/Media Production Company
located in Fuengirola, Costa del Sol
Special Target Radio offer
Smithwood Productions "Target Radio" service is offered to all visitors and clients of The Best of Marbella website at a very special 25% discount until end of March 2009. This offer is not available anywhere else!!

A low cost, unique sales tool giving your business a high profile corporate image.
High speed internet has also enabled us to offer our popular service “Target Radio” to a wider client base. This “Radio” service allows shops, offices, commercial centres etc to have their own “In-Store Radio”, playing their own adverts and promotions, with a music selection of their choice. Previously this necessitated installing a computer running sophisticated radio station software on the premises, and this was costly.

But now we can provide the same service via the internet, with an audio stream unique to each client, at a fraction of the cost.
If a business has multiple stores/offices they can all switch on to the company radio, OR we can supply each outlet with a different stream, enabling each store to have its own adverts and promotions independently of the others in the same chain. Details are on the Target Radio section of our website. An example of how this sounds is also on our website in the Target Radio section – please disable any “Pop-up” blockers as the player is in a small box.
* Please note that the adverts playing are only an example of how Target Radio works, and would not be heard on any clients personal Radio service.

Audio Streaming Service - per connection (euros/month);

1 connection – Normally…195 **145**
2 connections – Normally…340 **255**
3 connections – Normally…465 **350**
4 connections – Normally…580 **435**
5 connections – Normally…625 **470**
6 connections – Normally…660 **495**
7 connections – Normally…735 **555**
8 connections – Normally…800 **600**
9 connections – Normally…855 **645**
10 connections – Normally…900 **675**
10 – 15 connections – Normally…85 each **65**
16 – 20 connections – Normally…80 each **60**
20 – by quotation.

Production fees;
Initial “Set up” recordings (promos, jingles, generic adverts) per language – 385 euros

Additional recordings per minute/language – 165 euros
Musical jingles by quotation.

!!! - All prices + 16% IVA
!!! - Minimum contract 6 months
**Contact Martyn Wood directly for a FREE, TRIAL, music only link or

Smithwood Productions also produce personalised DVD’s, CD’s and USB pen drives with our ‘In-house’ duplication service, High Quality disks and various capacity pen drives in a variety of packaging. We supply clients with single copies up to your biggest order, please ask for a quote.

Martyn Wood – Head of Production
Smithwood Productions Office
Fuengirola – 0034 952661819
0034 667759355
Nessie Wood – Graphic Design
0034 647397681

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