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La Chispa magazine:

Launched in 2002 La Chispa has become the premiere resource for information on natural living in Andalucía. Its broad appeal, freshness and unique position in a rapidly growing market has brought it a loyal following among readers and advertisers alike.

A very 21st century publication La Chispa has expanded into other media to continue to grow and develop, launching an online resource directory, bringing alternative Andalucía to the small screen and running popular healing arts festivals.

La Chispa has grown over the years to meet demand and increase response for our advertisers. From 5,000 copies in 2002, we made a 50% increase in 2004 and a further 15% in 2006 to our current total of 8,500 magazines published every two months. Projected growth is for 10,000 copies distributed from Tarifa to Granada.

“In our opinion, La Chispa is a must-have magazine, being one of the most popular of all the magazines on the coast.” Justin Manners, Just Media.

Readers of La Chispa are informed and conscious, dynamic individuals who believe in making responsible, sustainable choices in their lives. La Chispa is important to these people because it provides them with the information they need to live the lives they choose, whether it be for finding organic food, personal development or healthy and holistic living.

Editorial Concept
Providing tools for positive change, La Chispa aims to inform and enlighten its readers by delivering content in an accessible and vibrant way.

Regular Features
La Chispa reflects a broad spectrum of subjects, with sections including Whole Earth for organic food, Permaculture and eco-building; Vida Sana for natural health and complementary medicine and Open Mind for personal and spiritual development.

Our editorial supplements and supports our advertisers by bringing their businesses and services into the spotlight. Advertise with La Chispa and your name will appear in our headlines – guaranteed.

Mission statement
La Chispa is dedicated to being a source of information promoting sustainable, ecological, natural and healthy living in Andalucía. La Chispa is a socially responsible business, involved with community projects, such as environmental campaigns, and committed to integration by being bilingual. La Chispa looks for partnerships to create a dynamic network of people and organisations who believe in the same principles; to think globally and act locally.

Community Activity
La Chispa is dedicated to taking its message for a more holistic and sustainable approach to life out into the wider community by building networks and being a part of the process.
Supporting environmental and social campaigns by being a forum for information about these activities

Tree planting – being environmentally aware we actively support these schemes
Raising eco-awareness: helping individuals and businesses to be more socially responsible we offer consultancy services. From advice on green finance to recycled point of sale material La Chispa has it all at its fingertips. “When we were setting up our eco-centre Alma Verde in Sotogrande, La Chispa provided an invaluable service putting us in contact with the Spanish network of eco-suppliers,” Mike Slaughter, owner of Alma Verde.

Other media projects
TV – bringing alternative Andalucía to the small screen with a documentary series for Living in Spain TV

WOPAA magazine – La Chispa is also developing new publishing projects, and is currently production designer for a new natural health magazine for the UK market.

La Chispa festival is a unique event, a weekend celebration of healing arts, culture and music bringing together a community of conscious people and also taking our message of sustainable, holistic living out to the public.

World music, artisan’s market, therapists, healing areas, activities, workshops and talks provide the basis of the weekend, bringing together a diverse mix of people from all over southern Spain. It provides a showcase for many of our advertisers to demonstrate their products and services.

La Chispa Website
A complete redesign in 2007 makes the premiere portal for people looking for information and contact details of all eco-holistic businesses and services in Andalucía.
The comprehensive Resource Directory, carefully categorised makes it easy for users to find what they are looking for, while the features, news and events listings make the web site attractive and interesting for people browsing for information.

With over 20,000 unique visitors a month we have already established a strong presence in the market.

Our newsletter goes out to nearly 1,000 people every fortnight and provides another excellent promotional tool for advertisers.

We can design campaigns around print and online media to provide the most cost effective and direct marketing to a targeted and relevant audience.

La Chispa Distribution
Ecology, sustainability, organic food, green living, natural and complementary therapies are all themes that La Chispa covers. Many of these up until recently were considered alternative, but society is rapidly changing to recognise the importance of our stewardship on planet earth and taking up the challenge to make sure that our children enjoy the same quality of life as we do.

La Chispa magazine is widely distributed throughout the south coast of Spain and is widely known in many circles as more people become interested in natural health, holistic living and are concerned with environmental issues and ecology. La Chispa is the perfect medium for people looking for businesses and services to meet these changing needs.

With over 300 points of distribution La Chispa can be picked up from Tarifa to Granada at locations carefully chosen to maximize exposure of advertising to the type of reader looking for these businesses and services.

Distribution points:
Holistic Centres
Yoga Centres
Sports Clubs
Healthy cafes
Herboristerias – health food shops
Healthy cafes
Complementary health clinics

La Chispa is a cross-media platform for anyone wishing to promote their business to a broad audience of open minded, conscious readers – people who are acting for positive change in the world and are looking for solutions to create a more sustainable, greener, holistic lifestyle for themselves.

Magazine, online, television and festivals are the tools La Chispa has developed for showcasing and promoting natural living in Andalucia. Over the last five years we have built a successful resource for businesses and professionals looking to promote their work, build networks and expand into new areas. Being bilingual, La Chispa works towards integration of the international community that makes up much of our target area. Through the magazine, web site and television we provide access to this information and through events provide an opportunity for like-minded individuals to meet and network in person.

La Chispa is one of the selected Associated Partners of The Best of Marbella. All visitors, members and associated partners will receive 10% discount on advertising when they contact Phil Speirs through The Best of Marbella website.

For more information, you can contact:
Phil Speirs
La Chispa
La vida natural en Andalucía
Natural living in Andalucía
Apartado de correos 281
Coín, 29100, Málaga
Tel: (34) 951 165 092
Mb: (34) 659 537 525
skype: philspeirs

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