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Outstanding Services & Events s.l.

Outstanding Services & Events is more a concept than a company in the conventional sense, encompassing as it does a comprehensive range of personally tailored services that are built around the client.

Founded by Silvia Cartegni, this is a family business born out of the creativity, energy and passion of its core team. As Silvia says, the business is the culmination of 20 years of experience and expertise. “We have learned greatly from all the different projects we have been involved in over the length of our careers, and now bring this expertise to the broad range of services provided through Outstanding Services & Events.”

A strong team with specialised skills, lead by Milton Cordeiro, ensures that this service-oriented company can offer a diverse range of options to corporate and private clients. “Improvement is at the heart of what we do, making us a common denominator in providing our clients with solutions that are efficient, convenient and cost-effective,” says Silvia, whose self-confessed drive is the willingness to constantly learn, improve and perfect. “It is the key to both business success and personal development, and very much my creed.”

It is an ethos she is keen to pass on to young people to help equip them for today’s world. “One of our most exciting projects at the moment, and one which combines business with a social outlook, is the series of seminars we are organising in which teenagers are taught to feel confident and the learn skills needed for leadership roles and to overcome everyday challenges. We work with the parents, focusing not only on character-building and confidence-boosting exercises, but also on promoting a sense of social awareness.”

The latter includes active participation in programmes such as clearing rubbish from our green spaces, planting trees and working with animals, but there is also a focus on health and fitness, through attention to sport, healthy competition and nutritional advice. “We aim to help parents give their children the best possible start, which includes more than schooling alone, and to arm them against the dangers and challenges teenagers face these days.”

From the basis of a solid organisational structure, Outstanding Services & Events offer the following services:

Concierge and Personal Management Services
Keyholder Service and Property Management of residential and commercial premises
Maintenance, cleaning, babysitting, limousine, delivery, decorating, administrative, translation and personal chef services
Party management, children’s parties, equipment and costume rentals

Commercial Services
Corporate design & marketing campaigns
Personalised distribution
One-on-one marketing & telemarketing

Entertainment Services
Comprehensive, large-scale festivals, corporate events & more intimate shows
Featuring: dancers, acrobats, jugglers, oriental dancers
Event conceptualisation and organising
Children’s shows
Spectacular, sophisticated & Thematic events such as the Venetian Carnival

Driven by a passion for what she does, Silvia strives not just to meet but to exceed her clients’ expectations by combining creativity, expertise and enthusiasm to great aplomb.

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Outstanding Services & Events s.l. is totally committed to provide an outstanding, especially tailored service, exceeding customers satisfaction by combining creativity & genuineness, resulting in its client' s unforgettable and unique experience.... And to constantly improve & raise its standards with the clear purpose of always stepping up to the next level , together with you.

Outstanding Services & Events s.l. is a family business, where every single detail is thought and prepared for you:

- Ideation, Creation & Design of Logos with a very personal touch: to leave an Outstanding Clue of Who you are and what do you want,
- Construction & Artwork of Marketing Offers speccially designed for your porpouse: to get your outcome and overcome your expectations,
- Tailored & Personalized distribuition, one on one Marketing and Telemarketing follow up: to get your outcome even faster;
- Keyholders, General Maintenence of private homes or businesses: to show you office, restaraunt, villa or apartment at the very best, sold or rented at the best value and shorter possible time,

- Monthly pre set's menus variable month to month: to pay only for what you need and garantee your privacy with only one Trustable Company, and also add value and quality to your actual life! & also "a la Carte" Menu: administratives, burocratic issues: English, Italian, Portuguese, French to Spanish and vice-versa;
Choffers to drive your own car to the party & home,
Pick up from and to airport; shopping pick up and delivery;
Maintenence of pools & Gardens; Gardens design;
Cleaners, Redecorators; Fine Dine with personal chef in your Home
Cattering for Family and Kids Party with games & entertainment;
Preparation of Outstanding "Table" for special occasions;
Partie's decoration; Translations;
Equipment Rentals; Costumes Rentals
Meetings arrangements and Special Occasion....

Outstanding Services & Events at your service!
Silvia Cartegni
Project Director
Outstanding Services & Events s.l.
Tel: 00 34 952 83 07 91
Mob. 00 34 663 813 953

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