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Quality content as a driving force

The quality of our content is the strongest asset of ‘The Best of Marbella’. For this reason it is constantly updated, expanded and improved, ensuring that this is an interactive site that offers the best, quality information in relation to Marbella and its surroundings – a complete reference of where to go and what to do.

Please note that this website-blog, even though it is constantly improved, is listed among 101 top blogs to watch in 2009, according to the WE Magazine for Women in the USA (and we didn't really start yet! Please click on the link or read their copied article below:

Google has already now rewarded ‘The Best of Marbella’ blog for the quality and relevance of its content, placing it at the top of Marbella-related rankings in a short time. In establishing itself as the leading reference source for Marbella and its surrounding regions, The Best of Marbella Website/Blog forms a powerful promotional platform that will attract high volumes of traffic and a readership that will be drawn by easily accessible information.

A powerful promotional platform
As part of the process of providing reliable, in-depth information about this region, promotes a selection of handpicked companies and individuals that together represent the finest professionals available in their fields in the greater Marbella region – thus creating a business directory of note.

There is great potential for further growth, but already the businesses, events, cultural organisations, charities and venues covered by are recognising the impact of this promotional platform – strengthening our brand name and giving those who chose to profile themselves on the site a powerful marketing tool with effective reach.

By contributing to our content and being a part of our website-blog, all members and associates of ‘The Best of Marbella’ automatically get higher ranking and internet exposure – ensuring more visitors and more business. Some facts about

· The Best of Marbella Website/Blog covers the area from Malaga through Estepona and Sotogrande to Gibraltar,
· Both information and blog posts are updated and expanded on a constant, daily basis
· The information includes references to the most interesting events and sights, the best deals and also special discounts offered to users of the site (member to member discounts, especially encouraging networking among the members and associated partners)
· The businesses, venues, services and events listed are carefully selected and recommended on the basis of personal experience or reference
· We work with members and associates, most of whom create a strong supportive network – and most of whom can be contacted directly
· The list of members and associates is growing rapidly, adding additional momentum to the site and creating the strong supportive virtual network,
· After the completion of the new website version, local, national and international promotion/marketing campaigns will be launched in support of ‘The Best of Marbella’ with the sending of regular business and events newsletters to an initial database of over 20,000 contacts. And this will be just the beginning...

Promotion through The Best of Marbella website/blog:

Currently we are preparing various promotional packages such as: accommodation packages (hotels/exclusive villas), cultural, golf/sports packages, spa and beauty, corporate and wedding packages, rent-a-car, yoga and pilates, detox and total anti-stress retreats etc., where we will include the most exclusive and top 10 quality services, businesses, events and venues. If you are offering any of these services and you wish to include them in The Best of Marbella promotional packages, please let us know.

To enable us to promote someone’s business, services or events, they need to become The Best of Marbella members first. For more information, please contact

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