Concordia Marbella: Anti AIDS Association

The Concordia: Anti AIDS Association is a non-profit, private (non-governmental) organisation which was set up in 1994 to look after the urgent needs of a group of people connected with HIV/AIDS who require special care and services.

In April 1997, with the aim of meeting the needs of this group, Concordia opened its Day Centre in San Pedro de Alcántara. The Centre´s mission is to carry out a programme of informative and preventive advice campaigns specially designed to brake the advance of HIV infection, and to ensure the comprehensive care of AIDS patients and those infected by HIV, their families and contacts.

The Committee
Princesa Marie-Louise de Prusia, Condesa Schoenburg is the President of Concordia, assisted by 14 committee members who volunteer their time in determining Concordia's managment strategy and structure and developing Concordia's servicea and activities and deciding how best to employ the funds raised.

Services provided by the centre:
Phone-in assistance: (34) 952 78 59 97

(Mondays to Fridays from 9:00 to 14:00 and 17:00 to 20:00)

Information and discussion groups available on Concordia web page.
On-the-spot personal assistance for HIV/AIDS patients, their families and/or contacts.

Archive of documents and publications concerning HIV/AIDS available to the general public.
Distribution of information leaflets and condoms.
Psychological help therapy for individuals, couples, families and groups.
Psychological help therapy in the patient's own home.
Legal information and guidance.
Workshops and guidance in labour relations.
Social support: information, guidance and assessment.
Loans and financial aid: advice and help with applications.
Visits to homes, hospitals and penal institutions.

Forthcoming Concordia Events 2009
• 5 of Decembre
St. Nikolaus Dinner. Limited Places

Reservation at Day Care Center Tel. : +34 - 952 78 59 97

We thank you for your voluntary donations:
IBAN-ES 4421 0320 72 240030005369
Concordia is looking for sponsors of their events/ galas and attractive prizes. Please contact the CONCORDIA office directly.

Contact details:
Address C/ Carlota Navarrete, 21
29680 San Pedro Alcántara -
Marbella Málaga - España
Tel.: +34 - 952 78 59 97

Fax : +34 - 952 85 33 10

Year Institution 2003
Friend Prize 2006

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