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Rob Miller is a British Landscape and seascape artist, a colourist, who studied art at the University of Bolton; Robs work captures a moment or a situation. The movement of light; a mood caused by weather; the simple pattern of nature; the situation of a building or the marks made by animals or humans on the land. He looks at these and then creates on canvas or paper a sense of place; so that the viewer can still recognise what they see and yet examine it through a new creative perspective. Rob works in both his studio and on location in the campo or on the beach in Oils, acrylics, watercolour and mixed media.

Inspired by the European artists De Stael, Picasso, Turner, Rembrandt and Cezanne, Rob is also influenced by the Spanish poets Lorca and Neruada, along with the French poet Philippe Jaccottet and the Englishman Ted Hughes.

Robs work has developed over the last twenty or so years and is now in many private collections in the UK, Spain, the USA and the Netherlands. Since concentrating solely on his painting Robs new work is being currently bought by art dealers in the UK through his British agent Phil Harewood at Ascot Studios UK.
Robs work can be seen in a number of venues in Andalucía and by arrangement with the artist. He considers Andalucia, its culture and its Sierras a one of the most beautiful places to work.

Rob is kindly offering to all 'The Best of Marbella' members, associated partners and clients either a discount of 5% or special offer.

If you would like prices and details of any of the work from Rob, you can contact Rob directly:
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