Fashion Sushi: the most creative Sushi on the Coast

Fashion Sushi Golden Mile, Marbella center

This is absolutely the best and most creative Sushi in town.... Check it out and get the best price and added value, friendly service by quoting The Best of Marbella website. If you order "party Sushi", you will get 1 bottle of wine: free! Free home delivery for orders above minimun in your zone.

Special offer to all the Best of Marbella members and readers: for any parties/catering, if you mention The Best of Marbella promotion, you will receive 10% discount.

Also ideal for home, office or parties and events... If you really want to impress, call Fashion Sushi to provide you with their catering services...

Did you know?

At Fashion Sushi, all the fresh fish we have delivered is frozen for 24 hrs at -20 degrees C.

Our Sushi is guaranteed Anisake FREE!

We only use line caught Dolphin Friendly tuna

All our menu items are made in house from Triyaki Sauce fo Warm Chocolate brownies. This is a real kitchen

Our staff come from all over the world: from Philippines, Denmark, Malaysia, England, France, Argentina and of course Spain. All the Fresh ideas as to how to make the tastiest sushi.

We are open 363 days of the Year (24 and 25/12 off).

Fashion Sushi Golden Mile

Stewart Craig

Centro Comercial Coliseum
(opposite of Engels and Voelker and Hotel Marbella Club)

Avda. Principe Alfonso Hohenlohe

Tel: (34) 952 82 61 84

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