Kids Umbrella: Action for Universal Education

Invitation to unite for a mutual cause
The world is facingt two very serious and challenging threats: illiteracy and poverty.

These two threaths go hand-in-hand, so by fighting illiteracy we can also fight poverty. Vulnerable children around thr world, who lack access to basic education, must be reached NOW!

The United Nations has set as its target to provide basic universal education for all children around the world by the year 2015. This is a vital goal and if reached by all nations, it would guarantee a better and safer world for everyone. The Sven Tumba Education Fund believes that education acts as a mental vaccine against drugs, crime, violence and preventable diseases such as HIF/AIDS. Children who read and write are also more capable of adapting to a constantly changing world. The children of today will be the leaders and entrepreneurs of the world tomorrow. Every child has the right to grow up with love, with play, with sports and, above all, with education. It is the responsibility of all global citizens to help prevent children from growing up illiterate and we must act now!

Through STEF Worldwide - the Sven Tumba Education Fund - much insight into the problem of illiteracy has been achieved. And the early establishment of the program "Sport for Education",, building on the universal interest for sports, contributes to cut through red tapes and bureaucracy to really reach the children in the field.

In response to the urgent call for action by STEF Worldwide, support by a growing number or artists, athletes, politicians, and other influential individuals from all over the world has been documented.

Here is where KIDS UMBRELLA comes in:
The formation of KIDS UMBRELLA is the result of such experience, therfore offering an organized joint action to Charity Organizations from all over the world and shring the same goal:
to help children in need!

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