Amazing artists Richard Meric and Syl Chad

'The man inside' - Oil on Canvas -
60 x 90 cm - Richard Meric Digital Art by Syl Chad: Digital Art by Richard Meric:

SYL & RIC: We are a couple of French artists: Painters, Photographers, Digital artists, Web Designers, and screenwriters. Our original creations, combining Surrealism and Hyperrealism, are mainly inspired by esoteric traditions and symbolism, but, aside from any intellectual approach, we mostly hope to communicate to our human fellows positive feelings, as well as our love for beauty and harmony.

Unique creations to suit your personal taste, to match your home decoration style and color tones. All “original art” is painted to order by our talented artists Syl & Ric. Your painting is prepared in the finest oils. Our service is for those wishing for a truly unique artistic experience where they live or work.
Syl & Ric create custom hand painted artwork specifically for you, and never duplicated. You are in complete control of the image, design, colors, size, everything! The artwork is priced based on the size and level of detail requested. Custom paintings can be shipped to any location. Receiving your own custom painting is easy, just get some ideas down, or gather photos you like, and inform us with the size you need. We have created custom painting from just an idea or photograph. The work can usually be finished within a month depending on size and level of detail.
COMMISSION A PORTRAIT: Lifelike colorful Portrait, drawn or painted from your photos.
You’re looking for an original gift, you would like a portrait carried out by professionals, a photo enlargement does not satisfy you! We offer to carry out this portrait according to your desires, using your photographs. You choose the technique of realization of the portrait: a portrait drawn with pastels or charcoal, in hues of gray or colors- a portrait carried out with oil paint on canvas. A portrait can contain several subjects, for example, by assembling several photographs. Ric creates amazing personalized portraits.

Prices upon request. For further details, please contact:

Syl and Ric
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