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Semi-Permanent Make-up with Beatrice Michels, a fully qualified specialist with an ever growing client list and an amazing expertise in achieving either a natural look, to enhance your eyebrows, eyeliner and lips, or something to make you stand out from the crowd! Beatrice has 11 years experience in the art of make-up design, starting out as a general Make-up Artist she then diversified, qualifying as a stunning Permanent Make-up Designer. Beatrice has worked with numerous famous photographers and magazines. She completed her make-up training 11 years ago and since then she has been helping women in Germany, Austria and Spain, to achieve their desired look.

"Wake-up with Make-up" is her slogan. Look fabulous any time, day or night. Are your eyebrows sparse or fair? Why not have perfect brows every day? Trouble applying eye-liner? For perfect eyes every day treat yourself to an eyelash enhancement with a natural or more dramatic looking eye-liner. A perfectly outlined lip contour makes your lips look stunning and helps to make them appear fuller and more shapely.

“There are lots of things I love about the semi-permanent make-up that Beatrice did for me: I get to get up and go, knowing that my make-up always looks great; my lips, which are naturally quite thin, now look much fuller; my eye-liner looks amazing, really enhancing both the colour and the shape of my eyes and I know that, even in the summer heat or after a swim in the pool, my make-up will always stay in place. Thanks Beatrice!” Louise (Definity MedSpa).

Wellness with Beatrice Michels:
In addition to permanent make-up, Beatrice can also offer you the unique patented wellness products: Bios Life and Bios Life Slim. A revolutionary way to lose weight, 100% natural, safe and easy, Bios Life and Bios Life Slim are the natural solution for your health and weight management. Bios Life is a patented, clinically proven, natural solution to the world's leading health problems.

Bios Life is a unique and patented formula of naturally derived ingredients. When taken as a drink, Bios Life forms a fiber matrix in the digestive system. This fiber matrix envelops nutrients and sugars as they are consumed, releasing them to the body at a natural rate.

This revolutionary breakthrough provides the following health benefits:
• Clinically proven to reduce bad (LDL) cholesterol
• Clinically proven to increase good (HDL) cholesterol
• Balances blood sugar levels
• Eliminates energy spikes and crashes
• Aids in weight management
• Promotes healthy digestive function
• Strengthens the immune system
• Decreases triglyceride levels
• Cleanses the colon

Thousands of healthcare and medical professionals around the world have helped millions of people improve their health with this safe and scientifically proven natural solution to many of the world’s leading health problems.

For more information, free consultation and special offers please contact:
Beatrice Michels
Tel: (+34) 647 26 90 18
(+34) 952 88 24 78

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