The Best of 0Jazz Appreciation Society

Registered No. 4168

FOUNDERS: Brian Parker & Alice Babs Sjoblom

The Jazz Appreciation Society was founded, in 1992, by Brian Parker and Alice Babs Sjoblom.
Brian Parker was born in London. He plays Bass, Violin and Guitar. Playing bass, He took up jazz in 1953 when he joined the Galleon Jazz Band in Tooting London to finance his studies in Architecture. He then, joined Sandy Brown's Band and, at the same time, he had his own modern jazz quartet band. Later on he formed a mainstream band, with Pat Hawes, they featured on radio and recorded records etc: It was probably, the first mainstream band in England. He retires from music in 1959 to concentrate on his career as an Arhitect he retired to the Costa del Sol in 1983, in 1992 he started promoting Jazz on the Costa del Sol, and created the Jazz Appreciation Society, and started to play the bass again with his own trio, as well as running his radio programme - All That Jazz - on Onda Cero, International.

Since 2000, he has been involved in setting up an Internet Jazz Radio, running 24 hours a day, and so has not played for a while. Amongst others, he has played with Humphrey Lyttleton, Louis Armstrong and Lionel Hampton. He toured with Mick Mulligan's Band with Geroge Melley. Also, Big Bill Broonzy, Sonny Terry and Brownie McGee.

Alice Babs Sjoblom was born in 1924. She studied at the Royal Academy. From 1956 she was active in fllms, TV and on stage. Between 1959 and 1963 she joined forces with violinist Sven Asmussen and guitarist Ulrik Neumann to form Swe-Danes. The purity of her voice and her sense of swing, attracted the attention of Duke Ellington, with whom she made many appearances. She recorded with him on the Reprise label and appeared in some of the Sacred Concerts, including the second, in New York City in 1968, and the third, in London in 1973. She hosted the International Ellington Conference in Stockholm in 1994. She was appointed as Royal Court Singer, the only non-opera singer to be given that title, by the King of Sweden in 1972. She was elected to the Royal Academy in 1974. Ellington remarked that 'She is a performer without measure. She can sing anything she sees or hears, Opera, Bach or Jazz"."What has Alice Babs got, that other singers lack?" A reporter asked Ellington later. "EVERYTHING!" The composer replied.

The original idea of the Society was to assemble a group of Jazz lovers, who could gather together regularly to discuss Jazz, listen to records, tapes, CD's and watch videos and, generally, enjoy the company of likeminded people.It was hoped that the Society would, one day, develop and provide a ready Audience toenable it's members to bring international jazz musicians to the coast for everyone to enjoy. The meeting place has changed quite a few times over the years, and will now be meeting at the Benavista Country Club - Restaurant, where the meetings are held on the second Tuesday of the month, except July and August.

The Meetings start at 8.00pm with videos of great Jazz Artists and last until about 10.00 then there is live Jazz with members of the Jazz Society, Food and refreshments are obtainable, from an extensive menu, throughout the meeting. However, if you prefer to eat earlier, then you will find that there will be some background jazz, from a CD or Audio Tape, from around 7.00 pm, until the meeting starts. If you are a jazz afficionado, and would care to join us at one of our meetings, please ring Brian Parker, on 952 785616, so that seating can be arranged to enable you to enjoy All That Jazz!!

It was hoped that the Society would, one day, develop and provide a ready Audience to enable it's members to bring international jazz musicians to the coast for everyone to enjoy.

For more information and membership details, please contact:
Brian Parker on (34) 952 785616
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