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C+Golf Golfstyle Magazine is a complimentary, freely-distributed GolfStyle magazine, combining a growing list of guides to the best golf courses of the world with engaging Lifestyle features, packaged with stunning photography and creative design.

All the golf courses in Marbella and on the Costa del Sol are covered with stunning photos from http://www.photogolf.eu/.

Harmonising objective research from The Pocket Guide to Golf Courses (acclaimed as ‘easily the best golf guide’ by the Financial Times) and lifestyle from C+ Golf (formerly Caché+). C+Golf gives golfers independent, qualitative advice to help them choose where to play, how to get there and what to expect on arrival. Result: a lifestyle magazine that is kept, rather than thrown away. This gives long term promotion of our clients’ brands to the people who matter. We promote good living, interesting people, leisure, business, property, well being and luxury items, as well as golf properties, golf travel and general issues, particularly relevant to decision makers.

Flying out of the Door
The key to C+Golf’s success is its unique distribution system. We deliver to places where C+Golf gets read – and retained.

C+Golf is the only complimentary golf guide freely available at the UK’s major airports – not just for executive clubbers, but at public departure lounges and gates. It is read in-flight by our target readers – captive in their seats. Hard as we try, the racks empty of C+Golf faster than our network can supply them…

In addition, our international distribution network focuses on high net worth English readers, especially golf tourists: free delivery to 4, 5, 6, & 7 star hotels, health spas, airport lounges and expresses, golf clubs, fitness centres, private jet companies, limo operators, car valets, luxury car dealerships, yacht clubs & marinas, selected bars and restaurants in the Côte d’Azur, Dubai, Dublin, Gibraltar, Spain, Tuscany and the UK, plus a growing selection of other European and international locations.

Video the web of the future…
We have recently launched an online-video service. As with the magazine, this covers lifestyle and golf. Whether it’s an olive harvest in Tuscany or the latest Pocket Guide (Dubai), first published in video and now serialised in print, you will see them amongst a growing list of titles on http://www.cplusgolf.com/. You will first read each new issue of C+Golf there too…

Client Support
We support our advertisers with a programme of balanced editorial coverage, which, for golf clubs & hotels, includes restaurant reviews and news items about the club or hotel, its people and its events. For other clients we can provide alternative fresh and engaging content in support of their campaign. Add video exposure, web links, etc...

Media packs available from http://www.cplusgolf.com/.

C+Golf is an associate of The Best of Marbella. All clients advertising with C+Golf through The Best of Marbella website will receive a 20% discount.

Contact details:
Stuart Langan
Marketing Director
Acacia Publishing Ltd
Mob: (Spain) (+34) 653 122 716
Tel: (UK) (+ 44 0) 161 702 3339
Skype: stulangan1
Attractively designed and put together by Marbella based Manifesto Design.

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