Sol Searching by Keidi Keating

Self-published Author Keidi Keating Lands Publishing Deal For Her Hilarious Bridget-Jones-esque Take On A Modern Girl's Move To Spain's Costa del Sol
Sol Searching...

What started out as the personal diary of a twenty-three-year-old, who decided to leave the UK for a new life on the sunny Costa del Sol, has turned into a publishing phenomenon when her book, "Sol Searching" was discovered by independent publisher Native Spain.

Keidi Keating, originally from the UK but now living in the Axarquia region on the Costa del Sol, decided to self-publish her revealing and hilarious dramatised-biography and was quickly discovered by fellow expat, Debbie Jenkins, who was keen to publish the book under her imprint.

Debbie says, "Keidi's book is a perfect fit for our Native Spain brand which sets out to inform and entertain expats and would-be expats about the challenges and joys of making a new life in Spain. What makes Keidi's book uniqueis that it also hits a younger audience. It's a bit like Bridget Jones in the sun!"

"Keidi says, "I've been writing since I was seven-years-old so landing this publishing contract is a dream come true. The positive feedback it's been getting has been a real boost too!"

'Sol Searching: A Fun-Filled Tale of a Modern Girl's Move to the Costa del Sol' by Keidi Keating ISBN: 190543068X is available to buy from Amazon and all good bookshops now.

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"An enlightening and humorous journey of a determined young lady, with the guts to turn her dream into a reality. I laughed so hard at certain chapters I nearly fell off my chair. I only hope there'll be a part two. "
Steve Hall,

"Sol Searching is the unusual tale of a young woman battling the odds to create a new life for herself in Spain, whilst setting up a successful new magazine. Brutally honest and engaging, Sol Searching should be read by anyone thinking of moving to a different country."
Nick Snelling, author of Taking The Heat

"This is an honest account of one girl's arrival in Spain. It's observational, self-depreciating, has some great characters and many laugh out loud moments. It's written in a similar style to The Sentinella, because after all, we all have a certain writing voice, and Keidi honours that. Most people like The Sentinella because it's fun and light-hearted and this is exactly what Sol Searching is. I admire anyone who sits down a writes a book and then goes on to get it published, so well done Keidi."
Hannah Davis

"Sol Searching is a great way to switch off and de-stress. I would recommend it to everyone. Keidi Keating is an A * writer. Thanks for sharing your move to Spain with us."
Peter Williams

"Well done Keidi, your book is great. I couldn't stop giggling from the time I picked it up till the end of Chapter 24. I love your light-hearted approach and some of your character descriptions. I hope you'll be writing more books in the future."
Mandy Rogers

"This is an excellent, read - one I could not put down until I had finished the last page only yesterday. It had me laughing, crying and nodding in agreement throughout. I can relate well to this book, being a similar age to Keidi and having moved to Singapore on my own to start a new life adventure. Many of the quirky stories I can relate to so well, as I am sure many other 20 somethings can, whether living in a new country or not! This book has inspired me to continue living out my dreams abroad. Well done Keidi on a book well written. I look forward to reading more in the future."
Mary Clauster

Keidi is an experienced writer and editor with a wealth of experience on expat-related subjects. She is happy to provide free content/interviews in return for a "plug" for her book. She is also available for exclusive commissions.

About Keidi
Keidi Keating, now twenty-eight, began writing at the age of seven when she penned a series of children's tales. After moving to Spain in 2004, Keidi began writing a diary to record her feelings and experiences. Reviewing it a few years later, she realised what a journey she had endured and decided to share this with others considering a move abroad. After a lot of hard work, Sol Searching was born! Keidi is Editor of The Sentinella magazine, a popular A5 sized publication distributed in the Axarquia region of Spain, Málaga, one of the associated partners of the Best of Marbella. She is also Director of The Sentinella Global Magazine Network, which offers people the chance to launch The Sentinella in their preferred location.

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