Incredible: LED Ice cubes

Incredibly beautiful and cool, aren´t they? If you are wondering what these unusual cubes are, please read further...

Red, green, blue and other colors as to make your party colorful!
Vivid ice-shaped, waterproof, reusable and even freezable!

LED Ice cubes

1. In cool drinks, cocktail, in punch bowls, on party platters
2. Traveling night-lights, along walkways, campouts
3. In bathtubs, hot tubs and pools
4. Anywhere your imagination takes them

The Best of Marbella loves them, do you?

Dimensions: 36.3*35.4*34.8mm ,Weight: 29g

Easy as A, B, C simply to press the button on the top to open the fantasy light ice cube, and choose your favorite flashing mode anytime.

You can also turn them on and put them into your water, juice, beer, cocktails, vodka, and any other drinks as you like. It is even a perfect Christmas gift or decoration.

ECO LED ligths advantages over the standard lights (general information):

􀀹 savings up to 80% of energy

􀀹 less heat emission which means a saving on A/C costs

􀀹 They can last up to 50.000 hours, even at skycrapers lighting

􀀹 waste decrease because the lifespan of the equipments is longer

􀀹 much more resistant to shock and impact, will not shatter when dropped

􀀹 are not sensitive to voltage fluctuations

􀀹 doesn't suffer in performance when light is switched on and off frequently

􀀹 no color changing when dimmed, unlike conventional bulbs

􀀹 doesn't contain mercury or other hazardous materials

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Please also check their latest article:ético.html

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  1. I agree with you regarding the one of the best technologies today the led lighting.


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