Visual Art Shows: Exclusive Artistic Production is proud to introduce you to a new visual ART SHOW concept
Thanks to its originality and quality, our live entertainment will bring an added spark to your venue, giving it a unique artistic flare.

Our shows are designed to be performed at small to large venues. They are available for private or public events, advertising promotions and any other occasion where we can help to liven up the moment with the color, power and emotion of Visual Arts.  We have the experience and the versatility to fill your every need.

Our Art Shows feature a variety of themes you may choose from:

1 - the “Upside-down Art Show” - an image can hide another :
presents a unique insight into the art of painting across the ages, followed by an exploration of the art of upside-down paintings or reversible images, illustrated by some of the most consummate artworks of Arcimboldo and Salvador Dali, to name just a few.  The show then takes us on a journey into the fascinating oil painting entitled “The Gardens of Memory," an incredibly detailed triptych measuring 4m40 x 1m20, conceived by Ricmeric in the 80's.

2 - the “Meditation Art Show” :
accompanied by relaxing world music, this show displays breath-taking views of our univers, meditative pictures, mandalas, animated kaleidoscopes and inspired photos taken by Syl Chad exploring unsuspected beauties of Nature, abstract intricacies of reality, and experimental photos.

3 - the “Andalucian Show” :
specially created for Andalucian venues. Featuring stunning views of Andalucia and its colorful folklore.

4 - the “Light Shows” :
created by our light artists, light shows are displayed on stage as an ever-changing backdrop of beautiful images.  Mind-blowing, multi-coloured, psychedelic light shows for concerts, festivals, clubs, bands and parties.
For local bands in Spain, we also offer a light show specially created for Flamenco bands featuring stunning views of Andalucia and its folklore.
Our Art Shows consist of “à la carte” 3-act performances: *1

1- a fascinating video presentation (approx. 1 hour) is displayed using a professional video projector on a large screen, featuring fine art photographs, digital art works, paintings, beautiful music and voice-over *2
2- the artists themselves (trilingual *3) interact with the audience
3- the audience is guided through an exhibition of the artists’ artworks.
The art exhibition is optional. You decide if you wish to have it or not. There are no extra fees. We offer a  commission to the client or venue’s owner resulting from the sales. The exhibition displays original oils on canvas, paintings and photographs in the form of Giclée prints.

Technical data:
- Video Projector 4300 lumens
- Projection Screen 3 x 2,25 meters for front and rear projection
(larger screen available on request *4)
- Duration: approximately 2 hours
Each Art Show can be displayed for a one-day event or longer. In the latter case, the fees would be reduced.

We are based on the Costa del Sol in Spain, but we will study any proposal to display the show elsewhere.

Feel free to contact Visual Art World for more details and/or free estimate.
*1 - Except for the "Light Shows"
*2 - Voice-over only for the “Upside-down Art Show” (available in English, Spanish and French.)
*3 - We speak fluent English, Spanish and French (native).
*4 - Extra fees apply

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