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The global economy is still finding its way to recovery but our focus is firmly fixed ahead. We’re happy to say that the start to 2010 has been very decent and the prospects ahead look even better.

A combination of exciting new projects and treasured longer standing clients keep us busy with a welcome variety of work that includes creative design and branding, editorial work, creating and providing content for websites, SEO-driven blog texts and of course making magazines from scratch. To this list we are now adding a professional translation service that includes just about every language known to man. Would have to get back to you on Amharic though.

Villae International’s Spring 2010 edition is out!
The fifth edition of the Villae International Magazine is out now. This luxury publication, produced by the European Real Estate Network (EREN), features the finer things in life and takes a look at travel, art, culture, interesting personalities and luxury lifestyle in the stylish and understated way that is typical of this most exclusive of European property collectives.

The magazine is the brainchild of leading EREN members José Ribes Bas of Inmobiliaria Rimontgó in Valencia and Diana Morales of DM Properties in Marbella, though by its very nature EREN is an international organisation with members in Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Denmark, Portugal, Greece and affiliated members in France, the US and other parts of the globe.

In a collaboration that goes back several years now, Manifesto Design works closely with the production team headed by EREN president José Ribes to produce the editorial content and photographical material for the publication, which finds its way into some of the most distinguished locations in Europe.
Languages We Love!
Do you remember the Babel fish that featured in Douglas Adams’ The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy? All you had to do was drop one in your ear and proficiency in all the languages of the universe would be yours.

Isn’t that a great thought? Unfortunately we can’t boast anything quite as amazing as the Babel fish, but we can now offer our clients a top quality translation service. Having recently joined forces with a long-established international translation agency, with offices in Manchester, and Ronda, we are confident we can fulfil all your translation needs, from any language into any other, through our professional contacts worldwide.

We guarantee a fast response to enquiries and a rapid turn-around of work. All our translations are done by native speakers and checked by a third party to ensure top quality and accuracy. We’ve all seen some hilarious translation howlers and mangled syntax, but such errors are unacceptable for professionals who wish to impress their clients. Contact us for a free quote.

Quantum Spain
During the past few weeks we’ve designed and written the content for the new Quantum Mortgages website. When a company needs to create an online profile from scratch, you would be surprised at how much work needs to be done to provide visitors with all the necessary information.

In the case of Quantum we were given the task of not only designing an attractive and functional website supported by effective SEO, but also explaining the way in which property finance works. This included creating a mortgage calculator from scratch and linking the site to the latest Euribor rates. The site also includes a blog for client information and participation, and the entire project is fully SEO optimised.  

Of course, any website worth its Google position is only as good as its maintenance programme so, as with all of our web-based projects, Quantum Mortgages’ website will require regular monitoring and updating.
British Chamber of Commerce
During the past few months we have been socialising more than ever. Earlier this year we launched our Facebook and Twitter presences but, not content with virtual networking, we have also joined the British Chamber of Commerce in Spain. Along with companies such as Lloyd’s TSB, Hackett, BT, Sotheby’s and Ernst & Young, Manifesto Design will be able to enjoy the benefits of belonging to one of the world’s ultimate business promoters.   

Revamped text for David Toms’ website
Cool photographer David Toms asked us to update his website text and that is exactly what we did. A man of few words but images that speak volumes, David left it to us to illustrate his amazing portfolio and convey the passion he has for photography.

Manifesto Design
Manifesto Design is a firm that offers corporate design and specialises in publishing services.

Although our main base is in Marbella (Spain), we are a highly mobile and internationally minded team who draw on our combination of marketing, product development, design, editorial and writing skills to produce a wide variety of publications and marketing material for our clients across Europe.

Our services include:
  • Graphic Design
  • Corporate Branding & Marketing Material
  • Copy Writing
  • Magazine & Newsletter Production
  • Editorial Services & Web Content
  • Marketing & PR
  • Web Design
  • Media Consulting
  • Translation
Local 62-A – C.C. Guadalmina Alta, Blq 4, 
29670 San Pedro Alcántara, Málaga, Spain.
Facebook: Manifesto Design SL
Twitter: ManifestoSpain

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