Tribute To A Beautiful Lady by Dario Poli

"Tribute To A Beautiful Lady"

Inspired by the original article from Dario Poli

Spain has been fortunate for British artist, author and composer Dario Poli, known to his contemporaries as the “Renaissance man.” For it was here that he found the inspiration to originate and produce one of his finest musical achievements “Lady X and The Power of Destiny” in a creative collaboration with Puerto Banus’s living legend Patrick Lloyd Hulme.

The musical drama, originally composed as a celebration of England’s favourite princess, based on the late Diana Princess of Wales. For the composers  it became a long mystical and spiritual journey, an exploration of Diana’s enigmatic character, her emotions, her motivations, and her fascination with the phenomenon of love. Their meticulous research into every facet of her life has resulted in a work, which has great profundity and truth to life, while acknowledging the gaiety and brilliance of a beautiful, if flawed aristocrat.

The project tells of Diana’s rise and fall, her golden yet tragic plight, in a sensitive and heartfelt piece of work that will stand the test of time, much as the light of her life will transcend the generations. Two men started a project, inspired by the muse, a project that tragically turned into a mission for the truth – to capture the innocence of her life and a light that was lost but never to be forgotten.
It was first registered in Marbella with S.G.A.E before her death; a tragedy, which galvanized the composers into re-writing almost the entire work and then re-registering the work in Malaga. The financial backers brought in by Dario, were fascinated by the quality of the music and story line, supported the composers enthusiasm and ideas, and the work was then legally constituted in Holland and Ireland.

With this funding the two men approached one of Britain’s leading musical professionals, the renowned musical director – David Redston – who, after studiously appraising their story, agreed to work with them on the project and conducted the orchestra and directed the numerous superb vocalists on the recording.

The musical drama was recorded by a symphony orchestra, opera singers and  including some singers from Riverdance at the famed Westland Studio Dublin.  These complex recordings and rehearsals, were directed by David Redston  following intensive rehearsals at RTE studios Dublin. It was produced by Richard Pine on the 11 September 2000, with Dario and Patrick in close attendance as advisors overseeing the work. It was engineered by Bob Somerville and was later mixed by David Redston and Bob Sommerville. Richard Pine:

It is a powerful and imaginative, two-act fictional musical drama of a total 2 hrs 45 minutes duration, specifically produced by its creators, to explore the tumultuous life of Lady X, a beautiful aristocrat and her entangled loves. Drawing into focus the esoteric factor X, the irresistible power of destiny and its mysterious design, that inexorably acts throughout her life.

The drama intricately woven around her, expresses a gamut of emotions, containing a haunting sense of tragic premonition, which unfolds, as the complexity of her life and charisma is explored and skilfully brought to life, by the innovative story; the sensitive and incisive power of the music, words and musical arrangements.

The musical effect simply carries the songs from the hearts and minds of Dario Poli and Patrick Lloyd Hulme, into the heart and soul of the listener. The result of the collaboration between Dario and Patrick, David Redston, the orchestra and the vocalists is truly mesmerizing and can confidently be described as ‘touching and very beautiful’

Richard Pine wrote “…. the recording demonstrates…its emotional appeal, the immediate catchiness of its rhythms and lyrics,and the richness of the orchestral texture.” … “The jewel at the heart of the musical remains that what it had been from the outset, …a celebration of her life, beauty and demeanour.”

He continued on the CD cover of Diana  - “ The musical differs from other productions in its truth to life, its deep appreciation of the circumstances which combined to bring the aristocratic girl, Lady Diana Spencer, to the point where she became Diana, Princess of Wales, and beyond it to the divorce court, to disillusion and death. The unique selling proposition of the composers is its powerful combination of singable tunes and a haunting sense of premonition.

Dario wrote; the moral of their story is simply that, “what we say and do to other people effects and shapes their lives, whether for good or bad. Therefore, each individual has his or her own personal responsibility to manage their actions towards others”. This becomes very clear in the final moments of the Opera.

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