Are you missing out on non–reimbursable funding from EU, State and Private Agencies? offer the following Services, helping companies from start to finish:

Business plan → Grant application → Compliance → Reporting

* Structure the process of grant applications in a step by step format for you
* Emphasise your strengths in line with the grantor key objectives, ensuring your competitive advantage.
* Identify and evaluate the scope of non-reimbursable funding for your business
* Develop a strategic business plan for you which is often a prerequisite for grants
* Complete the grant application forms on your behalf, in so far as possible
* Meet regularly with you and on your behalf
* Monitor Grant activities to ensure compliance with the various grant requirementsBenefits
* We work on a No Win No Fee basis
* Deliver positive results
* Support you from beginning to end
* Add value to your business, through working with many different organisations
* Simplify the process and save you enormous amounts of time
* Apply for multiple grants (not just on a one off basis)

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