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LINGO TRANSLATIONS translates and manages all major languages – and many more unusual and less familiar tongues too. LINGO TRANSLATIONS is equally dedicated to serve both world-renowned clients as well as small and start-up businesses. LINGO TRANSLATIONS is reputed for its quality, speed, reliability and competitive pricing.

Lingo Translations is one of the main supporters and associated partners of The Best of Marbella project and we can not thank them enough...

LINGO TRANSLATIONS is run by Charlotte Jones Sievers who has built the company into a successful business over the last nine years. Charlotte has been involved in translation and marketing for all her career. In many instances the provision of additional services such as copy writing, and the development and production of advertising and promotional material has also been a useful additional service. LINGO can also provide interpreting service and recording studio support.

LINGO has over 100 clients and specialises in the European marketplace. However, with over 200 translators on their books and experience in over 30 languages (the latest being Welsh!) they are now winning more and more business from all over the world.

LINGO prides itself on finding the right translator for the right job whether it is advertising, legal, technical, commercial or promotional work. LINGO is also justifiably proud of its first class customer service. Clients include Visa, ITT Flygt, Swedish Match, Microsoft, BMW, Absolut Vodka, Stora Enso and Johnson & Johnson - some of which are handled direct while others are managed via their advertising agency.

For more information and quotes, please contact:

Lingo Translations
Charlotte Jones Sievers
Marbella, Spain
Phone : +34 952 819 345
Mobile: +34 610 694 904
from UK : +44 871 218 0026

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