Luna Mora Festival in Guaro

Luna Mora Festival in Guaro, (near Monda) is one of the nicest festivals in Marbella.
It only happens once a year in September, so please check their website for all the updates.

There are usually more than 20,000 candles lit in the village, artisans stands, live music, food and drinks... and it truly looks and feels very special.

The village of Guaro is very beautiful also during the day, with narrow Spanish streets and lots of flowers... There are numerous food and bevarage stalls, artisans selling different things, from home made cakes, jams to pillow cases, paintings to candle holders and special, unique gifts.

The whole village is participating, it is a lot of fun and definitely worth going.

To read more about the festival, please click here:

How to get there:

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