Business & Lifestyle Network


BusinessandLifestyleNetwork is Europe's most proactive international new business development group.

We offer organisations a marketing- and networkplatform to generate new and profitable business.

The objective of BusinessandLifestyleNetwork is clear:
We offer organisations a marketing- and networkingplatform to generate new and profitable business

We do this through:
• Online promotion and networking;
• The organisation of exclusive Business and Lifestyle Events;
• The publishing of the Business and Lifestyle Magazines;
• New Business Services.

BusinessandLifestyleNetwork also offers a secured online network- and communication platform with a personal login, in which the contactperson of each participating brand can create his personal- and businessprofile allowing direct contact with all other contactpersons.

BusinessandLifestyleNetwork is one of the associated partners and team members from the Best of Marbella. Together, we are offering special packages to offer the best promotion, e-marketing and networking possibilities to our members and clients. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more details:

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