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Vincent de Vries is an international orientated and working photographer. For the newest updates, please check his blog: http://holandaluz.com/blog/

His creative mind results in groundbreaking solutions for uncommon challenges.
His 16 year experience in different fields of photography makes him a very versitile photographer and business-partner. Over the years he developed a comprehensive experience in location and travel photography. This facilitates him to create images worldwide with a different approach and view. Vincent is a dedicated and passionate professional with a focus on goals and quality.

Photography Workshops

Teaching photography and light
"I started teaching young artists in Marbella last year. I teach from the very basic of photography up to a design school grad level. Camera, techniques, light....the works. I really enjoy teaching people: something I truly love....

Portable light, minimalist light:I teach using portable and minimalist flash-lights in 1 or 2 day workshops every month, I still take bookings! Get into the new and exciting world of flash-photography. Anyone with basic photography knowledge may enter!

Custom made workshops:If you feel you need to extend your knowledge and comfort in photography please feel free to ask to make a custom made workshop just for you, one on one or a small group! Any level is welcome. Please contact me for a quote.

High quality 360º panoramic photography
Example of the Houses of Art Gallery and the website:

Virtual tour shows you more than 1000 images...
How do you differ from your competition? By giving the buyers the sensation that they already own your product. With a virtual tour with its 360º panoramic pictures you give your client what he is looking for: 100% transparency and insight in your service or product. Your virtual tour keeps the interested longer on your web site. You are able to receive your clients 24/7 in a comfortable and trusted environment.

Application for your 360º panorama tours
Why would you bother your clients with long pages of text while you are able to fantastically show your product or service in one go? Not by just one image but by a complete virtual tour. Your house, hotel, restaurant, museum, showroom, boat, theme park or event will come alive by professionally photographed images stitched seamlessly together. Your client stands virtually in your home, hotel or museum. He is able himself to look and walk around and continue in another room. You receive your clients without having to stay home or in the office.

Advantages of a virtual tour- You build trust with your client by giving 100% clarity about your service or product.- You are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.- You differ yourself by a professional presentation.- You are able to emphasize your unique selling points during the virtual tour.

Vincent de Vries biography:
1968 Born in The Hague, The Netherlands
1991-1996 B.A. Degree at the Royal Academy of fine Arts, The Hague, NL
1994 Apprenticeship Tobias Reymond Film & Fotografie, Amsterdam
1994 Silver Award PANL (Photography Anual of the NetherLands)
1994-1995 Freelance assistant in Sydney, Australia
1995-2003 Began own studio: Vincent de Vries fotografie
1996-1997 Local tv-station: camera, editing and assistant director
1997-1998 Maverick Filmworks: co-founder, camera, director of photography and edit
1997 "De Lamsbout" (actor & DOP) independent short video
1997 "Overspel" Maverick Filmworks short video
1998 "Natural Born Comedian" Maverick Filmworks short video
2003 Company move to Southern Spain
2004-present Anda-LUZ collective of 6 international photographers based in Málaga
2005-2007 Staff photographer; Temperament Magazine, Andalucia, Spain
2007-present Business in comercial and editorial photography: [holandaluz] fotografías
2008-present Part time photography teacher, Spain

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Vincent de Vries

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