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DREAM IMAGE: exclusive agent and representative of international medical and cosmetic surgeons, is a Spanish company established by a group of entrepreneurs with extensive experience in the world of aesthetics.

DREAM IMAGE is the first agency dedicated exclusively to bringing the best in international aesthetic medicine to Spain: MARBELLA • SEVILLA • MADRID • PALMA DE MALLORCA • VIGO • BILBAO • BARCELONA • VALENCIA

First as a patient and now as a manager, Maren Mueller has traveled the world in search of the most prestigious professionals in different fields of aesthetic medicine in order to make it available to all women. DREAM IMAGE operates under the new concept of bringing the most famous names of the global aesthetic medicine by creating the 'Exclusive Circuit of Doctors: a journey in which these architects of the internationally renowned beauty, with innovative treatments reach the main cities in Spain and meet women interested in their innovative techniques, especially in lifting without surgery.

Rejuvenate without surgery:
An innovative treatment that provides a complete remodelling of the facial axis without resorting to the scalpel. With guaranteed results the rejuvenating treatment basis its success on the deep knowledge and ample experience that both the plastic surgeon and cosmetic doctor provide. The 3 step treatment is designed to reshape the face of the patient without surgery. In this way, the perfectly planned and carefully executed change occurs gradually with a much more natural result.

First session: smoothing
Second session: filling and revitalizing
Third session: reshaping

Since the presentation of Dream Image at the Embassy of France in Madrid, a considerable number of publications at the national and international level have been interested in Dream Image, which has generated a steady increase in the interest of lovers of beauty throughout Spain.

Dream Image brings the most prestigious doctors like Dr. Bachelier, Vice President of the National Association of Aesthetic Medicine in France, to Spain.

DREAM IMAGE: Because we believe in 'you are what you dream'.

For more information and appointments, please contact Francisco or Marren directly and quote "The Best of Marbella" website and promotion to receive an added value service: consultation with Dr. Bachelier from Paris at a very special 50% reduced fee, namely, instead of full fee of 300 Euros: 150 Euros only.

Dream Image
Francisco and Marren
Tel: (34) 952 88 6884

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