Top 101 blogs to watch in 2009

The Best of Marbella blog news

Amazing but true: The Best of Marbella blog was listed among 101 top blogs to watch in 2009, according to the WE Magazine for Women in the USA.

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Original article:

"Welcome to our 2009 list of 101 Women Bloggers to Watch for 2009!

We have scoured the internet to find these amazing women bloggers and are delighted to present them to the readers of WE Magazine for Women (over 40).

Like the other Women bloggers to Watch we have honored, these women come from very diverse backgrounds. There are business blogs, personal blogs, relationship blogs, hobby blogs, travel blogs, blogs about kids, pets, travel, food, health, women, men, shopping, fashion and more. These women represent many parts of the globe.

When you visit these amazing women, be sure and tell them where you found out about them. Feel free to share this list with your circles.

And if you happen to be one of our bloggers to watch, congratulations! You can download our new logo by right clicking and saving to your computer).

Pink Heels with Jennifer Moore
Pathway To Presence Blog with Gina Rafkind
Women Xplore with Bela
Say Yes Institute with Carrie Stack, M.Ed.
Prosperity is Now with Donna McAlister
Financial blog with Tawra
Freedom Blogging with Jan Norman
Vanilla Sage with Eleisia Whitney
Conventional Wisdom Institute with Rebecca Staton-Reinstein
Poder Interior with Norma Cruz
Almost Smart Cookie with Dr. LeslieBeth Wish
Marcom Interactive with Linda Zimmer
Smart Woman Guides with Vicki Flaugher
Women’s Work with Susan
Bari J with Bari J Ackerman
Arizona Home Talk with Becky Wyatt
Tech Coach for Coaches with Sandra DeFreitas
Belle Vivir with Julie
Virtual Book Tour with Nikki Leigh
Isaac Business Services with Cheryl Isaac
Diane Kennedy’s Tax Loopholes
That Crazy Mom with April
Orange Soda with Janet Meiners Thaeler
Becoming Something with Natasha
Fast Wonder Blog with Dawn Foster
Great Adaptations with Suzanna
The Get Smart Blog with Bridget Ayers
The Chronicle of Coaching with Linda Ballew
Communication Bridges with Mary Schnack
Supernatural Botanicals with Robin Feltner
The RebelWoman Show with Jann Taber
Wealth, Success and Women with Heather Juma
Dawn at Your Service with Dawn Lawson
Success in Bloom with Colleen Johnston
Girls Getaway Guide with Casey Wohl
Mommy Revenue with Rhonda White
Savvy Doula with Darlene MacAuley
SheEO Blog with Jennifer Dalitz
The Productivity Queen with Lorraine Pirihi
The Bulletin Board with Eydie Stumpf
Quick Moments with Gayna
Rachel’s Place with Rachel
Women Wise with Kelly Watson
Tax Tips Blog with Gina Gwordz
WorldChangingBusiness with Coco Fossland
Not Just Pretty with Erin Ferree
NextSteph with Stephanie M. Cockerl
The T-Shirt Lady with Sandi Myers
PKS Miami with Jane Zucker
Cherie’s Profit Blog with Cherie Ang
Technical Projects with Sara Isenberg
Viva Visibility with Nancy Marmolejo
Your Design Biz Blog with Mary Larsen
Yielding Wealth with Miranda Marquit
Work From Home Momma with Laura Spencer
Workerette with Melonie Murray
Words of a Broken Mirror with Alina Popescu
Wise Women Investor with Lisa Moren Bromma
The Next Women with Simone Brummelhuis
Startup Spark with Shannon Cherry
Speak Schmeak with Lisa Braithwaite
Small Business Boomers with Jean Murray
Sisters In Biz with Monica Flores
Real Thinking with Patricia Hewitt
Randa Clay Design with Randa Clay
Pajama Professional with Sara Christensen
Origin of Brands with Laura Ries
Mingle with Beth Brodovsky
Leader Notes with Bridget Wright
Leader Networks with Vanessa DiMauro
Interview Chatter with Darlene McDaniel
Help Desk Notes with Linda Marie
Greener Assets with Allison Boyer
Green Gigs with Lori Stewart
Funny Business with Elana Centor
Everyday Networker with Jennifer Gniadecki
Customers Are Always with Maria Palma
Corporate PR with Elizabeth Albrycht
Chiefette with Fiona Powell
Behind The Buzz with Rachel Clarke
I live in Dallas with Jennifer
Advergirl with Leigh Householder
Chicas Emprendedoras with Paola Cristina Diaz
Tulips Talk with Heidi Richards Mooney
Melissa Seymour with Melissa Seymour
Media Relations with Jeri Cartwright
Making Strategic Sense with Patti Dragland

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Happy Reading!"
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  1. Thank you so much for mentioning my tour blog :) Great list -- I need to take a closer look.

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