Success Story of The Best of Marbella-Vienna and the Best of the World

Success story of The Best of Marbella-Vienna
and The Best of the World
“The perfect place to promote your business”
“Are you one of the best?”

The Best of the World concept is a unique, innovative and revolutionary internet marketing platform, changing the traditional way business is done: one of the top 101 female blogs in the world according to WE Magazine for Women in the USA already in 2009. It is an ever-expanding network aimed at promoting the highlights of all countries in the world. It started with the Best of Marbella and the Best of Vienna blog, promoting the cosmopolitan and multi-cultural lifestyle, businesses, venues, events and people, charities, clubs and associations, providing insider tips on where to go and what to do in Vienna or Marbella and beyond. We use the newest internet trends and technologies such as blog articles, Twitter, Facebook as well as many business and social media to promote and connect people globally.

Since October 2009, we expanded and linked The Best of Marbella to the Best of Vienna blog with a goal to promote the inter-cultural and business exchange between people and in this way create a large global and cosmopolitan network The Best of the World. To read more about us and our vision and plans, please check one of our latest interviews:

The Best of Marbella-Vienna and The Best of the World are unique for many reasons:

1. Our business ethics, reliability, creativity and work are driven by passion. We only focus on the positive aspect of everything
2. We provide top quality, selective and constantly updated content.
3. We only promote businesses that are either highly recommended to us, or that we personally know and can recommend further.
4. We promote the multi-cultural and cosmopolitan lifestyle, as well as selected businesses, properties, dining, nightlife, arts and cultural venues, health and beauty, golf clubs, clubs and associations, events and, in addition, business categories from A-Z, linked to an important and thoughtfully selected brand name: "The Best of"…
5. We use the most advanced internet technology tools and software from Google (search engine no. 1)
6. Creating blog articles is just a beginning of our work. The links from our blog articles are sent to many social and business networks, such as Twitter, You Tube, Facebook and many others where we promote our members and create the maximum exposure. We also forward these links by e-mail to carefully selected people that we know. The most interesting and important fact is that all of these blog article links, social and business profiles and networks are inter-linked.
7. Thanks to this and its powerful, relevant content, The Best of Marbella enjoys an excellent ranking on Google: see the following CNN article explaining why The Best of Marbella is using Google to promote its members.
9. The Best of Marbella is currently visited by people in 93 countries in the world (according to Google analytics) which means maximum exposure for all businesses listed with us.
10. We have a limited listing (from each category only top 10 businesses can be listed), therefore, we are very selective. The Best of... can not be paid, it needs to be deserved. 
11. Together with our members and associated partners, we are also offering inter-cultural exchanges, holiday packages etc. including hotel and golf, cultural trips, entertainment, dining and nightlife, weddings etc, as well as luxury packages in Marbella or Vienna to start with.
12. We encourage all of our members and associated partners to provide member-to-member discounts that form an additional benefit for joining The Best of the World network.
13. Local, national and international marketing campaigns will be launched at the beginning of 2013 in support of ‘The Best of the World’ with regular business and events video newsletters being sent to our initial database of over 20,000 contacts, in addition to local and international press and media.

• Top Google ranking of your business or event when listed with us: we create blog posts that are highly ranked on Google with an attractive brand name “The Best of ...”;
• Your business or activity will be seen in more than 93 countries around the world giving your business massive exposure, locally and globally;
• We created strategic alliances with members and associates so that your business can also be promoted through a multitude of other websites and blogs that are inter-linked with us
• Your business or event can also be featured in one of the selected magazines (advertising at special, discounted rates from our associated press and media partners such as Visionaer magazine in Austria)
• Your business details and special offers or events can reach more than 20,000 entries from our database: by sending them through our events and business newsletters

The Best of Marbella-Vienna can be found on:

and some other social and business networks…

I would like to emphasize the importance of blogs and social media in the promotional and public relations work that we do, in addition to the close relationship with local and international media. A lot of people don’t yet appreciate the importance and significance of blogs, so here is a simple explanation why The Best of Marbella-Vienna is using them to promote its members:

1. Blogger belongs to Google (search engine no. 1 in the world). Blogger is the software that we use to write blog articles that contribute to top ranking in search engine (usually 1st page on Google), SEO and maximum exposure: attracting more visitors to your website and more clients
2. Our blog is interactive, constantly changing, inseparable and the most important part of our website used for all our PR and marketing campaigns.
3. Blogs are the fastest growing medium of communication for businesses and individuals and have rapidly become influential components of the Internet. Their importance will grow for some time to come.

If you are interested in exchanging reciprocal links (especially if you already have another "The Best of" website or network), or promoting your business, venue, services or events through The Best of Marbella (or the Best of Vienna blog) including our social, business and personal contacts and networks, please feel free to contact:

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  1. Of course, you are very deserving of this great honor and my team and I thank you so much for sharing YOUR STORY with us.

    Wishing you all the best life has to offer... to your continued success and then some!

    Heidi Richards Mooney, Publisher
    WE magazine for Women

  2. Thank you so much Heidi, I really appreciate your comments and encouragement!


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