Why The Best of Marbella is using Google Blogs

Why The Best of Marbella is using Google Blogs

Many people don´t understand the importance and significance of blogs or underestimate them, therefore, here is a simple explanation why the Best of Marbella is using blogs to promote its members:

1. The software we use belongs to Google, which is the no. 1 search engine in the world which assures that our members will be highly ranked on  Google (usually 1st page of Google search)

2. Google invests billions of Dollars to further develop their software technology, including the Blogger

3. Blogs are the hottest growing medium of communication for businesses and individuals that became very influential components of the Internet. Their importance is growing rapidly.

4. Blogs are also becoming very popular because of their high effectiveness in SEO (Blogs are getting traffic that static websites only dream of and all this without any SEO tactics).

Many Blogs provide commentary or news on a particular subject. The Best of Marbella is a leading blog about Marbella and Costa del Sol in Spain, one of the 101 top women Blogs in the world according to the WE Magazine for Women in the USA.

Automatically, all the Blog articles that we create are also promoted through many social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, including our associated partners: local and international press and media and our personal contacts that includes approximately 20.000 contacts from all around the world. For our social network updates, check the following link:

You can find numerous interesting articles about the Blogs on the Internet. We selected the following article to share with you: http://marketinghackz.com/the-importance-of-blogs-in-business-and-marketing/

If you need further information on Blogs you can further search on Google or check their Blog directly: http://googleblog.blogspot.com/
Please feel free to share your comments (in the form below this Blog post) and let us know if you found any other more effective marketing tools to promote businesses and services online. Thanks in advance!

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