Conmoy Construction Eco project

New Rhino House in a Zoo

Solar Panel And Air Pump Heating Systems at Whipsnade Zoo

This is a part of a Conmoy Design And Build project which included energy saving construction to reduce the clients operating costs by 75%, that includes:

1. Air heat pumps and solar panels linked into a storage vessel to supply all hot water and heating for this large industrial unit.

2. Water treatment system to recycle all water in the building including 3 large heated swimming pools, and all external rainwater

We are able to design and construct all energy saving systems in domestic, industrial and office environments for a wide range of clients. Conmoy Construction Ltd. has been trading successfully for over 40 years.

In that period of time, they have built up long and lasting relationships with many clients covering abroad spectrum of construction works as: retail, hospitals and surgeries, transport, local authority and housing, asset management, luxury private developments, rooms and fall out shelters, low carbon and eco friendly works, specialist works, European Works etc.

Contact details of Conmoy Construction Ltd.
Jim or Eileen
Jim Warnham
Tel: (0044) 01708 522552
(0044) 7 01708 525225
Mobile (0044 07977 445502)
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