Tips for business success: Manifesto Design

Tips from the pro: Manifesto Design S.L.
Is your website pulling its weight?

Firstly, your website should reflect and showcase your company.
Secondly, it should attract attention and bring you potential new clients.

Are you getting the right message across?
Or – worse – are established customers looking elsewhere?

To ensure this is not the case and to avoid sliding down the Google Search rankings or having a site that is dated and no longer reflecting your aims and objectives, you need a clear message.

Maybe you are planning your very first site, but whatever your business you cannot afford to ignore the power of the internet.

These days, the most successful websites attract and retain visitors with clear, professionally written text and engaging information and imagery.

You can only break into the Google Search Top Ten with text that meets specific criteria – merely repeating keywords is no longer good enough.

Marketing professionals emphasise the importance of site stickiness, the factor that will attract more and more new visitors to your website, then persuade them to stay longer, explore further and continue to return…

If you need to build a site from scratch or to revitalise a website that no longer meets the needs of today’s cut-throat internet environment, web content experts Manifesto Design S.L. can provide readable, literate text that will maximise your business’s cyberspace profile.

Remember – it takes the average visitor 3 seconds to decide whether to stay on your site or look elsewhere. Make every word count.

Manifesto Design
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