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Global Presence... Local Vision

Touch Media Promo is recognized as a dynamic and dedicated company, a world leader in providing creative and cutting-edge innovative advertising opportunities for our clients. Bringing together global reach with local knowledge ultimately leaving our clients customers with total satisfaction!

Who are we?

We at Touch Media PROMO have a wealth of experience in the business of creative thinking, marketing, advertising and adding value by branding. After years of performing at the highest level of franchising and business development we bring that insight to all that we do.
At the forefront of our success is the ability to forge life time value and trust in our relationships with all those we work with, because we value relationships above ALL else!

What is our business?

Touch Media Promo is in the business of providing guests and visitors with an enhanced experience during their stay, by providing an elegant and user friendly touch screen technology in hotel foyers and hotspots worldwide. The kiosk “Vantage-i-Point” will display all information a guest may need, from hotel facilities and activities to local restaurants, events, sports activities, and places of interest, shopping, local services, car hire and much much more.

Who are our customers?


By forming strategic alliances with hotels and other similar organisations, our commitment is to provide a comprehensive point of reference service complimenting the hotel concierge, at no COST!

Advertisers/Local Businesses

Giving local businesses the opportunity to connect with their target clients, through a visual and expressive, high impact medium, thus securing future client base and growth. These establishments/ businesses have a heighten awareness of the power of visual advertising and the need to connect with customers. In an ever competitive market through a cost effective and measurable medium they are able to achieve a competitive advantage.

Guests & End Users

1. People who like to travel and discover the very best of all that is on offer will find the Vantage-i-Point an invaluable resource during their stay. Guests will benefit extensively by becoming familiar with the local environment and they will be able to access instantly all that is of interest to them. This will enhance their stay and allow them to discover the treasures and points of interest in a convenient and easy way.

What makes us different?

Our combined passion to providing excellent customer service, technology, power of brand and team work with a touch of elegance, is what makes us unique and effective in what we deliver.

1. Integrity. Being our word. Managing our promises, commitments and duties.

2. Excellence. Striving to be our best, moment by moment. Taking Pride in everything we do.

3. Accountability. Being that we are the one/ the buck stops with us.

4. Leadership. Empowering others to succeed.

5. Inspiration. Living our lives with passion.

6. Flexibility. Being solution conscious.

7. Trust. Honoring ourselves and others.

8. Fun. Life is serious, not significant. ‘Don’t forget to smell the roses.’

9. Fulfillment. Experiencing the satisfaction of achieving our goal and desires.

10. Relatedness. Maintaining great relationships with everyone we come in contact with.

11. Communication. The art of listening.

12. Contribution. The profound privilege of making a difference to others.

13. Abundance. Knowing that everything we want or require is available to us.

14. Love. Acceptance of ourselves and others. It’s all you need!

Why Touch Media Promo?


We fuse together local knowledge with a multibillion pound advertising industry to meet the high demands of customer expectations. This is manifested by an elegant and stylish point of reference ” Vantage-i-Point “ unit placed within a hotel lobby.

For further information and franchising queries, please contact:

Tel: +44 (0) 7768194004 (UK)
+34 697 511 588 (Spain)
Global Presence... Local Vision

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