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Hi everyone,

If you are following The Best of Marbella blog, you will notice some changes that are leading to diminishing of all existing labels/categories... Please don't panic!

I just wanted to inform you that we are working behind the scene... updating all the current blog posts and removing all the labels/categories to keep only a few that will be identical to the categories on the new version of the website that is currently being finalized. If you like the current blog and website, you will love the new one!

Sharon Havenhand from Es-preso Websites and Syl Chad from Graphic Paradise Net, the two amazing web-designers who have been helping me all this time, have been incredibly patient and very supportive and I wish to thank them from the bottom of my heart!

The Best of Marbella marketing concept has been evolving and expanding in the last year and I could hardly keep up with all the changes myself... We are almost ready to launch the new version of the website. Even if it takes a little longer, we want to make sure that everything is functioning perfectly and that everyone is happy.

So, please keep reading and stay with us... Nice surprises are coming... In the meantime, make sure you subscribe to our free newsletters and join our Facebook group...

Thank you very much for leaving the comments and interacting with us... The world is small, and thanks to the internet, we are all inter-connected!

Lots of love and blessings to you all, no matter where you are...
Carpe Diem,


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