Mark Megens Osorio, young karting talent from Marbella

Mark, participating in the Blue Sky F1 event

Karting champion with an amazing potential, looking for a sponsor

Mark Megens is now 14 yrs old and has been Karting since the age of 7. Mark has won various championships in Andalucía and National competitions. With 11, he was competing at an International level, in which he became third in the overalls at the Euro trophy in 2007. In 2009 he was offered to drive for the Intrepid factory Junior team, in which he was competing in the European and Worldcup 2009. On his program for 2010 the plans are to go overseas with the team to compete in the prestigious WSK series. In this cruicial time of his career, he would need a sponsor to enable him to participate in the forthcoming races. If anyone is inspired by reading this and wants to support this young talent, please contact or Mark´s father directly:

Some important facts about Mark:
Mark is the youngest driver ever who qualified for the European Championship KF3 in 2008.
Mark is the most outstanding kart driver in Andalucia.
Mark went abroad for Internacional races at the Age of 11
Mark had a total of 35 wins 42 Pole positions, and 73 podiums
Since August 2009, Mark is the official Factory driver with Intrepid Junior Team.

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Full career to date:

2004: Spanish District Championship Andalucia Alevin
Position: 1
Spanish District Championship Andalucia Cadet
Position: 1
Spanish Championship Cadet
Position: 4

2005: Spanish District Championship Andalucia Cadet
Position: 1
Spanish Championship 4-stroke Cadet
Position: 2
Spanish Championship Cadet
Position: 3

2006: Spanish District Championship Catalunia Cadet
Position: 5
Copa de Campeones Trophy Cadet
Position: 5
Spanish District Championship Andalucia Cadet
Position: 1

2007: Italian Nacional Championship
3th on grid, leading until 4th lap. elect failure
Position: 8
Eurotrophy WSK by 60 mini
Championship leader until last meeting. elect failure
Position: 3

2008: Italian Open Masters KF3
Not finished full race program (5), participate in 2 race meetings
Due to lack of sponsors.
Open Masters Jesolo ( Italy ) Finished 6º
Open Masters Val Vibrata ( Italy ) Finished 3º
Spanish Championship KF3
No full raceprogram (4) participate in 1 race meeting
Spanish Nacionals Campillos Finished 2º
Benelux Kartingseries KF3
No full raceprogram ( 5) participate in 2 race meetings
Benelux kartingseries Genk ( Belgium ) finshed 5º
Benelux kartingseries Berghem ( Holland ) No Finish
European Championship Qualifier ( East Zone ) Alcañiz
Position: 12 Qualified for Grand Final.
European Championship KF3 Final Varennes ( France )
Not participate due to lack of sponsors

2009: Rotax Max Junior Wintercup
Pole position. Elect. failure on formation lap
No position.
European Championship KF3 Qualifier Z.East Angerville ( France )
Position : 9th Qualified for Grand Final
European Championship KF3 Final Zuera ( Spain )
Finalist : drove trough to 6º place, Engine faillure
Worldcup KF3 Sarno ( Italy )
Finalist : 9th on grid in final.Not finished due to accident.
Best place on grid of the Intrepid Junior Team.

For more information about the Blue Sky Formula 1, please visit the following link.

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