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The Olive press and the Green Guide (Guia Verde)
Andalucia’s fortnightly news publication

The Olive press is one of the Best of Marbella business associates that focuses on the ecological and green topics that offer top quality content and useful information for anyone who is environmentally conscious. All members and clients of the Best of Marbella are offered a very special 10% discount for advertising.

Origins of the Olive Press
The Olive Press was launched in May 2006, as an English-speaking newspaper to serve the expatriate population of Granada province. Printed fortnightly, it began with a print run of 4,000 copies. With an increasing foreign population in Granada alone, the paper was soon able to increase its print run to 7,000 copies, allowing us to deliver 14,00o copies per month, giving a conservative readership base of around 50,000 people each month.

In November 2006 former Fleet Street journalist Jon Clarke and co-owner of the paper, published the first issue of the Olive Press Western Edition, based in Ronda, and covering the provinces of Malaga, Cordoba, Cadiz and Sevilla. Set up under a separate company, the two editions collaborated successfully, exchanging editorial copy and setting up a joint website.

In just eight months the Western Edition grew from 3,500 to 8,000 copies and from 32 to 40 pages. Since the beginning of 2009 the total has risen sharply again, to 12,000 copies per issue. With his ten years’ experience at the Daily Mail, Mirror and Telegraph, among others, Jon Clarke has assembled a team of talented writers around the region, who continue to break numerous hard-hitting stories.

Over the last year, many of Spain's top foreign writers have written for the Olive Press. These include Driving Over Lemons author Chris Stewart, Telegraph writer and Factory of Light author Michael Jacobs, Duende writer Jason Webster and the Guardian's correspondent in Madrid Giles Tremlett.

The paper has gone from strength to strength starting numerous new sections, such as La Cultura, geared around the region's many interesting cultural events, the All About series spotlighting various towns and areas around the region, and specials such as Health and Beauty and Finance and Banking. The paper can now provide editorial support to advertisers with its Business Profile section.

In 2008 the Olive Press launched its first Green Guide, the region’s first and only comprehensive listings of all ecological and ‘green’ friendly companies.

The website has become one of the key focuses of the Olive Press. In March 2009 we relaunched the site, partly based on the New York Times, and partly on the Guardian and Daily Mail's excellent UK websites. The busy news website is now listed as the most important news website in Andalucia according to Google. The website is updated daily and currently achieves a traffic of around 1500 to 1800 “unique visitors” a day (these are people who specifically choose to log onto the Olive Press website. This means up to 60,000 “unique” visitors a month, with hundreds of thousands more visiting via other sites. So, what does our paper contain?

· Regional and local news exclusive features from our network of correspondents
· Well-written feature articles by established journalists
· Original photos by professional photographers
· National and international current affairs supplied by various press agencies
· Resources for learning Spanish and integrating into the culture
· Expert legal, financial and property advice columns
· A comprehensive listings and events calendar
· Classified advertisements
· Weekly weather reports and local travel information
· Puzzles and games for the inquisitive mind
· Regular recipes, food and drink articles
· Dedicated home and garden, travel, sport and property sections
· An extensive classified section

Why advertise with the Olive Press?
· The olive press is the most popular English language publication in Andalucia.

· It is continually expanding into new areas, and has recently started distributing in north Granada, Sevilla and south Cordoba, as well as most parts of the Costa del Sol. We are already covering most of inland Malaga, much of Sevilla and Cadiz, and now parts of the Costa del Sol, including Mijas, Fuengirola, Torre del Mar, Velez Malaga and Nerja.
· We print 12,500 issues a fortnight, giving us an estimated readership of 60,000 people. (This is an increase of 100% in a year and is set to grow even further in 2009)
· Our website is Andalucia's best news website, according to Google with 60,000 'unique' visitors a month.
· Each issue contains 32 pages and we pride ourselves in an even balance of interesting articles and adverts, making it a highly readable paper. We plan to expand further in 2009.
· In support of our paper, we have a highly successful website, read all over the English speaking world, ranked 102,925 in the top five million global websites. (Data issued by that provides independent website traffic ranking analysis). It has around 35,000 “unique” visitors a month. All issues of the paper appear on this site as downloadable PDFs opening up advertisers to a worldwide audience.
· We are able to offer advertisers appearing in the newspaper a special rate for website advertising on our highly successful website,
· We are proud of our all round readership, ranging from professional and affluent northern European tourists and residents, to eco-friendly students and those seeking an alternative lifestyle. This is due to our interesting and useful articles covering everything from the Spanish legal and political systems and everyday living, to local and national tourism and special events. This means that advertisers, whatever their market, can benefit from a huge catchment audience.

· We are a free newspaper, which means that we are stocked in a wider range of establishments than many of the newspaper publications that are chargeable.

· Our advertising has risen by more than 320% in the last six months; statistical proof which demonstrates advertisers believe we are a successful tool in increasing business – please refer to our advertiser testimonials. But we still have managed a high ratio of news items and features to adverts.
· We pride ourselves upon the high ratio of quality news items and features to advertisements, compared to the majority of our competitors, it means that any advertisement will stand out more in our publication, which can only mean a higher success rate for any business. This balance is one that we take very seriously and one that we are committed to long term.
· Additionally, due to our limited number of advertisements, the prime advertising slots soon sell out. This means that by advertising now, any advertiser will be able to get ahead of their competitors by holding onto a prime position and keeping it.
· As many of our readers are well travelled and still show a keen interest in travelling, this is a prime advertising medium for travel and tourism related businesses to promote themselves in other regions of Spain and even overseas, in addition to within Andalucia.

Contact details:
The Olive Press
Telephone: (0034) 627 182 538

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