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The Best of Marbella is much more than an interactive blog-website. The Best of Marbella is a unique, effective and revolutionary business concept; changing the traditional way business is done. We promote prestigious and selected businesses, the best services, venues, events and professionals, as well as clubs and associations but most of all: cosmopolitan lifestyle in Marbella, Costa del Sol in Spain and beyond. Within a short time, during the initial stage of its existence, it became one of the top 101 women’s blogs in the world, according to WE Magazine for Women in the USA.

The Best of Marbella is also a local and international networking platform and one of the leading references about Marbella. Incredible, but true, after weeks of reviewing stories and making final selections, WE Magazine for Women announced the Women’s Hall of Fame and The Best of Marbella is one of them...

The Best of Marbella is also a business model that will be franchised in Spain and the rest of the world, inter-connecting people locally and globally. Instead of working in competition with similar businesses or networks, we welcome other respected professionals, including press and media, cultural associations, social, business and networking clubs to join our efforts in promoting Marbella and the Costa del Sol by working as a like-minded team. The Best of Marbella blog-website is unique for many reasons:

1. Our business ethics, reliability, creativity and work is driven by passion
2. The Best of Marbella provides top quality, selective and constantly updated content
3. We only promote businesses that are either highly recommended to us or that we know and can recommend personally
4. We promote the multi-cultural and cosmopolitan lifestyle of Marbella, as well as selected businesses, properties, dining, nightlife, arts and cultural venues, health and beauty, golf clubs, clubs and associations, events and in addition, business categories from A-Z, linked to an important and thoughtfully selected brand name: The Best of…
5. We use the most advanced internet technology tools and software from Google, such as Blogs, Twitter, You Tube videos and many social and business tools and networks to promote our members instead of a passive, static website
6. Thanks to this and its powerful, relevant content The Best of… is highly ranked on Google: see the following CNN article:
7. We use videos to promote our members and network by including them in blog articles and on The Best of Marbella You Tube channel
8. The Best of Marbella receives the support of a large, ever-expanding network of associated partners including CCG, C+Golf, B2B network, Marbella Dutch Business Club, Asociacion Francofonos, Business and Lifestyle Network, Concordia, Society Living Magazine, The Sentinella Costa West, Blue Sky Luxury Car Hire, Manifesto DesignSmithwood Productions and many more…
9. The Best of Marbella is currently visited by people in 93 countries in the world (according to Google analytics)
10. Top 10 businesses from each business category will be included in our holiday packages and promoted through travel agencies around the world, mainly from Vienna, and at an extra fee, featured in a selection of the best local and international magazines, radio and TV
11. Together with our members and associated partners, we are also preparing various holiday packages including golf, cultural destinations, weddings etc, as well as luxury packages and events in Marbella to promote the region internationally and in this way attract more tourists and investors to the Costa del Sol
12. We encourage all of our members and associated partners to provide member-to-member discounts that form an additional benefit for joining The Best of Marbella network
13. The Best of Marbella is a franchising concept that will connect many places and countries in the world. We are initiating The Best of Vienna blog that will connect Marbella and Vienna in many ways and are looking for franchising partners for other places in the world.
14. Local, national and international marketing campaigns will be launched in support of ‘The Best of Marbella’ with the sending of regular business and events newsletters to our initial database of over 20,000 contacts and local and international press and media. And this will be just the beginning...

If you are interested to promote your business or events through The Best of Marbella (or Vienna) and through our social networks, please feel free to contact me:

I would like to emphasize the importance of blogs and social media in the promotional and public relations work that we are doing, in addition to working closely with local media and press. A lot of people don’t yet appreciate the importance and significance of Blogs, so here is a simple explanation why The Best of Marbella is using blogs to promote its members:

1. Blogs are a fantastic marketing and networking tool provided by Google (see CNN Magazine mentioned above)
2. Google invests billions of dollars to further develop their software technology, including the Blogger software that we use
3. Blogs are the fastest growing medium of communication for businesses and individuals and have rapidly become very influential components of the Internet. Their importance will grow for some time to come
4. Though blogs have a social function in the first instance, they have also become very popular because of their effectiveness in SEO (blogs are getting the kind of traffic that static websites can only dream of – even without SEO tactics)
5. We promote all our blogs through our social media networks and profiles including Facebook, Twiter and many more.
6. In our case, our blog is an interactive, constantly changing, inseparable and the most important part of our website that we use for all our PR and marketing campaigns.

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