Ecological and Economical Solution: Eco LED Lights

LED Lighting: eco-friendly, saving electricity and money

Low energy lighting is being touted as the product of the future. LED is the buzzword of the moment in interior design. Light-emitting diodes, or energy-saving lights, are growing in popularity due to their use of famous architects.

Micronetics Inc. Ltd is the company that designs and manufactures high-power, high-brightness LED lighting products uniquely marketed to the commercial and industrial main lighting and auxiliary markets. The company now has offices in Switzerland, Bahrain, Qatar, Argentina and Panama and new representatives in Russia. There are so many different lightings from: emergency lightings, street lighting, radar sensor lighting that can even change color and many more.

Micronetics has been established since 1958, and from base in Geneva free-zone, where it has been Master stocking Distributor of Philips, Mullard, Miniwatt, Valvo and Eimac tubes.

Micronetics can still boast that it stocks over 700.000 tubes, mainly of Philips production, as well as Telefunken, Siemens and GEC, etc, in addition to all premium American brands.
ECO LED Lights and the Kyoto Protocol – Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) is an arrangement under the Kyoto Protocol allowing industrialized countries with a greenhouse gas reduction commitment (called Annex 1 countries) to invest in projects that reduce emissions in developing countries as an alternative to more expensive emission reductions in their own countries. The most important factor of a carbon project is that it establishes that it would not have occurred without the additional incentive provided by emission reductions credits. LED lighting can achieve CDM, because 100W LED lighting can replace 300W Mercury lighting or 250W HPS lighting, save 80% to 95% energy. According to our energy bureau information, to produce 1 kWh energy will create 0.638 kg CO2. For example, if using LED lightings with some quantity to replace Mercury or HPS lightings and achieve saving 100,000 kWh energy totally, 100,000 x 0.638 = 63,800 kgs CO2 are reduced, which meet Clean Development Mechanism request.


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