How about Going Green with LED street lighting?

ECO-friendly LED Lighting Solutions for ecologically and environmentally friendly people.

ECO LED: Light-Emitting Diodes (or energy-saving lights) are growing in popularity due to their excellent performance and their low energy consumption.

ECO LED Lights offer:

• excellent performance LED low-energy solutions (by cutting down on electricity costs up to 80-95%)
• the most innovative designs,
• The light is mostly bright and cool even during operation (which will save you needing to use air-conditioning)
• Most lights and lamps come with a 2 year unlimited hours warranty
• Most advanced lighting technology available on the market today.

LED lights can be used everywhere: in hotels, restaurants, schools, golf courses, shopping centers, urbanizations, factories, offices, streets, private houses and villas... They are used as low-energy indicators but also for replacements for traditional light sources in general lighting and automotive lighting. The compact size of LEDs has allowed new text and video displays and sensors to be developed, while their high switching rates are useful in communications technology.

Advantages of using LED lights in comparison to traditional bulbs:

• lower energy consumption (saves between 80% and 95% on your lighting bill)
• longer lifetime (lasts 50.000+ hours)
• improved robustness,
• smaller size
• faster switching
• environment friendly.

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Different types of LED:
• LED spotlights
• LED light bulbs
• LED flexible strip light
• LED in-ground lamps
• LED table lights
• LED power spotlights
• LED USB lights (that connect to your laptop)
• LED power LED wall washer
• High power LED downlight
• High power LED bulb lamps
• High power LED spotlights
• Plant grow light (improves the growth of plants)
• High power LED garden lamps
• Bridgelux LED Spotlight
• T-8 LED tube light
• T8 LED fluorescent tube light
• LED panel light
• LED emergency lightings,
• LED street lighting
• LED ice cubes
• LED radar sensor lighting
• LED power supply & controller
• High power LED projector
• High power LED downlight

Micronetics Inc. Ltd is the company that designs and manufactures high-power, high-brightness LED lighting products uniquely marketed to the commercial and industrial main lighting and auxiliary markets.

Micronetics can still boast that it stocks over 700.000 tubes, mainly of Philips production, as well as Telefunken, Siemens and GEC, etc, in addition to all premium American brands. The company now has offices in Switzerland, Bahrain, Qatar, Argentina and Panama and representatives in Russia, Marbella and Vienna.

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  1. If the street lighting would go on LED street lighting than we would save a lot of energy and emissions. So I think its time to go on green.

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